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    Default Question on loot boosts

    I've asked a few times on lnet but no one seems to know. For group hunting, when using a loot boost, is it the boost on the person who loots or the person that made the kill that counts? Usually just have a single char doing the looting as they have skinning skills. Now my other char is getting a stock pile of loot boosts and wondering if I need to make them search everything for awhile or if just killing is enough.

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    I read this as lost boots and was wondering if there was a new UAC disarm system.

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    I would assume treasure is only rolled and generated on searching.
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    "I would assume treasure is only rolled and generated on searching."

    Wouldnt preclude tagging the creature as damaged by a person with the loot boost, so that searching of the tagged critter can be by anyone.

    But to answer the question, I think the current implementation is that the person with the loot boot
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