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Thread: Flurry of blows

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    I kind of wanted to try out the Mstrike UAC changes with a Monk and recently created one, so this is an interesting thread. Though I'm probably going to try to get Perfect Self first, I think, before going for any martial stances.

    I nearly went Halfling after reading all the bonuses they seem to have, but I really didn't feel like RPing a Halfling. In the end I went Dwarf - they also have a ETD bonus, I believe. I know they have a small negative to Agility, but shouldn't affect me too much in the long run I don't think. They have a lot more HP than a Halfling, anyhow. The low HP was the only thing I really disliked about my Gnome Ranger character.

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    Yeah, the nice thing about monks is that they can learn combat toughness, which helps with the HP problem a bit. Rank 1 still leaves you 30 points shy of a dwarf's max HP, but puts you fairly close to most other races.

    I reckon perfect self probably gives you another 5 max HP from the CON bonus at rank 5, too.
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