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Thread: Duskruin Arena Sorcerer Help

  1. Default Duskruin Arena Sorcerer Help

    Level 52 dark elf sorcerer with no spell aim skill (all CS based attacks); COL.

    I can't seem to get more than 20 kills in the arena no matter what strategy I try. I've heard sorcerers are awesome clearing the arena, but maybe I just need to be older for more CS, mana, and mana recovery? I'm using :midnightarena which works well to save me from traps usually. But I just run out of time (usually the older champions take too long). Maybe the non-spell aiming build doesn't work well enough in arena?

    Can I get some arena tips please from you more experienced sorcerers please?


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    have you tried to use sacrifice instead of pray... for mana recovery? Also aura enhansives to boost you up to 12 spirit so you could possibly get one more wrack done in time. Pain although mana expensive is the best against older champions with a hard enough ward it's 1/3rd of it's total Hp.... are you using 418 as you get in... putting heavy orbs in a disk for that extra little boost during the run. That's all I've got off the top of my head. I'd also kill any signs that drain spirit... shields swords whatever you may have running on isigns so that they don't drain your spirit further during the process.
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    Are you trained properly in Necromancy lore? You can easily clear the arena with 711 and get 250 BS. It will take you a while longer than other sorcerers using 717 and 720, but you shouldn't have any trouble killing all the targets.

    When I was doing the arena at that train, I did have to use some clever mana tricks. What society are you using? Do you 1x in HP? Are you familiar with how to use Sacrifice?

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    Also, while not a huge gain... I'm sure with all the "junk" runestaffs that have gone out this past week, someone may have a mana flaring stick... or even just a mana enhansive that you could possibly pick up on the cheap that could help

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    I'm demonology trained to 52; only 1 rank of necromancy (that's what I'm going to train in going forward).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eirenanor View Post
    I'm demonology trained to 52; only 1 rank of necromancy (that's what I'm going to train in going forward).
    Well, that's a problem. If you want to succeed in the arena you're likely not going to need anything demonology offers. Frankly, Demonology is a "nice to have" lore, while having at least 66% of your level trained into necromancy lore is basically essential if you want 711 to be effective.

    1. Use scroll infusion to bolster all of your DS with as many outside spells as you can muster. Aside from my own personal spells, I run - 202, 303, 503, 507, 508, 509, 601, 606, 911, 1712. You can add some more spells if you want, just to be safe.

    2. Bolster your CS as much as possible to avoid warding failures. I recommend getting AUR/WIS enhancives, make sure your runestaff has either permanent 735 layers or at least temporarily buffed with 735. Fully charged heavy quartz orbs, or infused 1711 scrolls (though orbs are easier to use in general).

    3. Even if you go crazy and get +40 AUR/WIS and use quartz orbs in every match, you're still going to need to use 711 sometimes as some targets are just damn hard to scare with 717.

    Basically, I would recommend using a fixskill. You can easily earn more than you spend fixskilling in the Arena as a sorcerer that is properly trained. Are you a tiny gnome that needs the phase benefits from 704? What is the value you're getting from the demonology training? I capped with 0 ranks in Demon lore, but would never sacrifice the sheer power of Necro lore.

    You want to get AUR enhancives at the very least. They bolster your CS and SPIRIT. This lets you wrack 2x in the arena. What I did at you train was kill the first 5 targets, then if the 6th target was stunnable - I would 711x2, 706, sacrifice. This net me a good chunk of mana to burn before I needed to wrack.

    NEXT -- DONT JUST WRACK. When you get to 20ish mana, use MANA PULSE. If had a pulse too recently, then you can wrack. If not, you'll get a burst of mana to continue to burn.

    Finally, after you've used Sacrifice, Mana Pulse as much as you can, Wrackx2, and you're close to being out of mana, then you can PRAY. Of course, hopefully things are dead before then.
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    Great advice! I've been training in demonology as suggested in "someone's" guide, but I've always thought necromancy might fit my needs and personality better! Before I fixskills...any demonologists out there that have success in the arena?

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    Does anyone pre-cap actually do demonology? Unless your sorc is your main and you play constantly, necro lore is pretty handy for filling up your weekly energy for 735, and the benefits to 711 are invaluable.

    Don't forget to start every run with 418 and 106.

    If you're running into mana problems:

    Enhance recovery boost
    Greater mana regeneration potions
    Greater mana well potions
    Sacrifice (do this early before the creatures get too difficult)
    Mana pulse (I use this at the very end sometimes)

    Alternatively, join Voln, get a shitton of deeds, and all of your mana woes will be over.

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    Definitely 418 and 106 so you can safely wrack down to 1pt. You can always imbed both to spare mana, too. Also -- sacrifice one of the easier/younger earlier first round ones - it will be easier and safer. You'll get 10sec of hard RT... but you can sacrifice while you're in cast RT, so that can soak up some of it.

    Also - sacrifice works like the old mana sharing -- you can go over your max mana limit, so you're not wasting anything (other than a pulse perhaps).

    711 will kill everything in 3 casts if you've got enough warding or necro skill, definitely invest in that over demonology. Besides, animate dead is awesome now. No component requirements, and once you get enough necro ranks you can refresh the animate at a longer time length indefinitely.

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    Oh a side note -- open casts of maelstrom or implode used together can be worth as well as they do pretty decent crit damage and last a while.

    I'm assuming as you aren't casting focused implosion without spell aiming, if you are then hold off as an open void will prevent you from casting a focused version.

    Both of these spells can be imbedded beforehand, too, to save mana.

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