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Thread: Post-Cap Goals

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    Default Post-Cap Goals

    My cleric is nearing cap (yay!) and am starting to think about post-cap training goals. Pretty standard pure build:

    121 Cleric / 66 MjS / 66 MnS Spells
    110 Religion / 66 Blessing / 21 Summoning Lore
    1x PF / AS / MIU / HP / SMC
    0.5x FA
    Climbing / Swimming / Trading / Survival as needed

    Any suggestions for training goals, besides getting cleric spells to 166? Any CMANs particularly helpful?

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    1x perception if you don't already have it, it's a cheap way to help with some maneuvers.

    As far as CMANs go you can't go wrong with Cunning Defense since 5 ranks of it basically acts as having 1 rank in every CMAN as far as defense goes. Other than that it really depends on what CMANs the critters you hunt use. If they use feint then train in feint, if they use disarm then train in disarm, if they train in your face then train in your face.
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    According to this, get Major and Minor Spiritual to 67 each for 2 more cleric CS pretty quick.
    Other than that I'll just say good luck!

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    Yeah, you'd have gotten the most bang for your buck if you'd have gotten cleric circle to 141 first before going past 40 in the spirituals, but since you're already there, get them to 67 for the full bonus.

    I'd personally max out spell ranks before starting on CMs. It'll only take you another 2.6m exp to be fully 3x!! On a pure, I'd rather have a better chance of disabling or killing creatures with magic before having to worry about dodging their maneuvers.

    I'd also second the 1x perception recommendation. If you're not trained in it, I'd get to 1x first before doing spells.

    I also like being 1x in survival because I run back and forth from WL and IMT so often, but that's just a matter of preference.

    And FA is so cheap for a cleric, seems like you might as well go 1x so you can actually skin.
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    Spells > lores > HP > other stuff is the typical game plan for post cap pures.
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    Where do you hunt and do you mostly stick to one place? Because, honestly, different capped hunting grounds justify different priorities.

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