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Thread: DR UAC Gear - what to get?

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    Default DR UAC Gear - what to get?

    So I'm planning to pick up some basic UAC gear at Bloodriven before it closes. I'm wondering what experience and reviews people can give?

    Has anyone used the 5x realm flaring set and do you like it? Why or why not?

    Anyone used the 5x grapple flaring set? I've heard the knockdowns are great, and I've heard others are unimpressed with the grapple flares.

    Is it better just to do 4x and pick and choose my flares? I'm in GoS, so maybe do 4x fire flaring on gloves OR boots, then do something else for the other spot?

    I haven't really explored much as far as UAC gear, so would like to get a general idea of effectiveness before I spend my bloodscrip on something.

    Thanks very much for the help.

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    Imo knockdowns are amazing in combat for a huge amount of reasons - damage, survivability via putting creatures in rt, etc. However, uac by it's lonesome frequently results in said knockdowns and both grapple flares and unbalance flares will be wasted with the critter already on the ground

    For my money it's much more valuable to simply use plain gloves that I can bless and put my coin towards either enchants. (Fyi currently using 9x gloves and 7x boots)

    Ko flares on uac gear are absolutely devastating and frequently results in death shots. That said, prob not worth it unless your gloves are already 10x and t5 unless you want to pay a huge premium to et them.

    I've no idea if the new system will let you voln bless flares or weighted weapons so until I hear yes, my recommendation is to go for plain gloves and work on enchanting then up.
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    I'm interested in reading the responses as well. I would like to pick up a set of flaring UAC gear. I'm leaning towards the realm flaring set, as they have a great mix of flares.

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    I am one of those not impressed with unbalance or grapple flares for UAC.

    1. It does not change the UDF or MM in combat. It will reduce EPB though, which can be helpful.
    2. UAC knocks targets over extremely well without any flares at all. Especially for short races since you'll be jabbing kneecaps and knocking targets over without even aiming...
    3. If you ambush with UAC, knocking a target over with your flares isn't really providing the greatest value. If your ambush didn't kill the target, you want your flare to have a chance to finish the job.

    For me, flares that deal great damage and can crit kill were better performing. In that regard, I like disintegration, disruption, or perhaps void (air). Realm flares are usually a safe bet as well, but also sometimes are less than useful (i.e. getting a cold flare while fighting undead on Teras). Getting an elemental flare keeps the gear available for being enchanted later, or adding greater flares to the weapon.

    The absolute #1 best flare for UAC is Knock-Out flares. They have all the advantages of grapple/unbalance with a much better chance of out-right killing a target, and the added benefit of possibly making the target unconscious, which clearly makes them unable to avoid your attacks. But - it's a script flare that costs a lot of bloodscrip and you can pair it with any of the above flares (except greater elemental).
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    Yeah, the grapple flaring UAC stuff is pretty uninspiring. I got a pair of those 6x grapple handwraps and quickly ditched them.

    I have a pair of 6x greater fire gloves and I love them, but I'm sure they'll get less impressive as my monk progresses. He's only 34 right now, so they're pretty damn effective on low-hp young creatures. They're especially fun in troll warcamps, of course.

    I also have a pair of those void flaring boots that I like. At the same time, though, I'm not really sure the flares are worth the trouble of having to switch boots every time I want to hunt undead.

    I definitely like flares on my gloves, but I can take it or leave it on boots.

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