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Thread: 5x Void Flaring Jeddart-Axe

  1. Default 5x Void Flaring Jeddart-Axe

    This is one mean pole-arm!

    Looking to sell quick!

    Sold to Bubba for a measly 100k
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    Price Drop!

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    Price dropped again... what is going on here?!?

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    I'm not a polearm user, but do people really use jeddart axes?

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    I'm not a pole-arm person either, but I seem to remember that it's one of the better polearms from a speed and damage perspective. Not to mention it's pretty cool from an RP perspective for anyone rocking a kilt... it completes the Scottish look!

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    Ii thought the problem with the jeddart-axe was slashing damage.

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    It is slash/crush. I am out of my league on where you are going with that comment. I found this on a Sheruvian Monk a couple years ago. I'm an archer not a pole armed so I really have no idea. Apparently I can't give this thing away! Hahaha!

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    I will offer you 100k for it

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    Pretty much nobody uses jeddart-axes, as they have fairly lousy DF/AvD for a weapon that takes two hands. The only benefit of the jeddart-axe is that it is the only polearm that doesn't puncture.

    Probably about 95% of polearm users favor the lance. A handful of people (usually those who don't yet have the agi/dex for a lance) use naginatas. A few people use spears because they're switchable from 1 to 2 handed and are good for jabbing out eyes.

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    Going twice at 100k (for a 5x Flaring weapon!) this is last call for bids!

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