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Thread: What happened to 5X while I ws gone?

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    Default What happened to 5X while I ws gone?

    When I went on hiatus in 2008 after 12 straight years of hard playing, 5x was still something to look forward to.

    Now I see veil iron, golvern, lor, and illthorn in the pawnshop on a fairly regular basis.

    Are pay events now offering 5x on a regular basis?

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    You can get 5x realm flaring weapon from duskruin for 2.5k BS (or 3k for santc) about 2.5m-3.5m, and the materials you mentioned drop enough to mostly fill the market. 5x is pretty easily attainable anymore
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    Back then 5x was considered highish end gear, and anything over that was super uber. Festivals and such were few and far between. Then festivals started becoming more and more common place, the market started getting flooded with 4x gear, then 5x gear, and so on.
    I saw the trend back then and said to myself, once everyone had super uber gear, then nobody would be uber anymore.

    Well here it is, fix skills are available everyday if you want, plain 4x and 5x items are considered junk and thrown away to the pawnshop by anyone able to hold 6x.

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    Reim has a potential to randomly drop 5x out of the treasure pool since it was introduced. I've formed a capped hunting MHO paired with the release. Since I started tracking attendance, we have done Reim like, an ass-ton of times, and gathered up ass-tons of 5x and temporarily enhanced stuffs

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