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Thread: Block of 2800 PP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crime View Post
    Lol when I withdrew a bid (before auction close) the whole forum freaked out
    I had good reason for pulling my bid back. First, when the auction was started the MB was set at 20m. I go back and look a couple hours after I posted "MB", and it was changed to 21. Then I took into account that the poster hasn't been on PC that long. Then, I realized he's not very high level in game and determined that I wasn't comfortable giving him a 100m+ item. Also the auction was (is) going slow. None of these things by themselves strikes me as a really big deal, but the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I became with the sum of the parts.

    I've never in the ~8 years I've been buying and selling items on PC ever cancelled an auction I've started or pulled a bid, so this is truly an outlier for me. Sucks you got roasted for pulling a bid in the past. Guess that's just how things go sometimes.
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    If you look at the time the post was made and the time he pulled his bid....5 minutes had passed. Given that there hasn't been a huge influx in bids, not detrimental to this sale. HOWEVER since he did retract his bid the seller should lower the new buyers bid down to 20m, which is the posted MB at this time. That is my opinion

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    I didn't bid 08-15-2017, 12:30 AM (all times Pacific) which is significantly after the latest the bid would have been retracted (08-14-2017 at 03:28 PM). Fault is on me for not refreshing the page (I had left it open for a long time deciding if I was interested) and the fact that I bid more than necessary. My bid does not need adjusted or I would have contacted the OP on my own behalf to have that discussion.

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    all things are cool here guys no need to freak out.

    first bidder I spoke with in-game no big deal. but like I said I have a few references and never had an issue with a sale/buy before so I'm not stressing.

    Ohh and since I don't wanna drag this out another day..... Sold!

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