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Thread: 250 high quality orbs - 1.8 MB

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    Default 250 high quality orbs - 1.8m MB

    I did find 250 gems that I'll give you 1813493 silver for, if you want to sell.

    >In the leather gem pouch:
    gem (250): 
        a brilliant wyrm's-tooth amethyst (13)   an absinthe green pearl          an uncut ruby (12)
        a shifting multihued auboraline (2)      a metallic black pearl (10)      a jewel-toned dragonfly saewehna (2)
        a shard of dragonmist crystal            a medium black pearl             a bright orange butterfly saewehna (2)
        a large yellow diamond (10)              a medium pink pearl              a blue sapphire (7)
        an uncut diamond (53)                    a small white pearl (4)          a pink sapphire (2)
        a purple stormcloud diamond              a medium grey pearl              a violet smoldereye
        an uncut emerald (73)                    a large grey pearl               an inky blue smoldereye
        a periwinkle feystone                    an iridescent pearl              a scarlet smoldereye
        a black opal (3)                         a small grey pearl               a green alexandrite stone (4)
        a purple black thunderhead opal (2)      a small black pearl              a swirling purple thunderstone (8)
        a frosty pale violet pearl               some dragon's-fang quartz (5)    a radiant opalescent thunderstone (10)
        a large black pearl (3)                  some golden rhimar-bloom (5)     a multi-colored wyrdshard (5)
    Ready to be made into high quality chrisms, recharging, blessing spells, imbedding spells, nexus gems, anything you'd like!
    Average value of the gems are 7254 silvers per gem!

    CB: 2.2m to Charlotte SOLD!
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    going twice

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    2 mil on orbs

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    updated again

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    going twice. Going to mark this as sole tomorrow if no other bids.

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