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Thread: +5 enchant

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    Default +5 enchant

    Selling a +5 enchant. Up to 8x no KaTana naginata or claidhmore. No weighting

    For a friend 28m ltlprincess once.

    Buy out 55m
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    Fusion allowed?

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    Fusion should be good. From the mouth of the boss

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    If bubble flares allowed, 30m

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    Depending on Rolfards bid, I'll do 27M. If bubbles are allowed 31M.

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    I will check. I don't see why not though.

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    If padding isn't an issue 35

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    have an email out to answer the padding and the bubble flare question. I will update asap.

    guessing padding would be the same as weighting so > to 10

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    weighting/padding 10 or less regular bubble flares are fine super bubble flares are not. So if you want to bid please rebid

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    Super bubbles are not? That doesn't make a lick of sense -- you can wizard enchant super bubble weapons!

    Is there a time limit on when this can be redeemed? I have a weapon I'm gonna be taking to 7x in 3 or 4 months once I have enough PP, so I'm wondering if this would still be usable that far from now.
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