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Thread: Do you want to see more moderation on PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androidpk View Post
    I'm pretty sure that never happened considering the beef they have/had with each other.
    What's the deal with that? I must have missed it. I know about the 'PC is down' forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Oh, man, Whirlin. Is this really the face of your new forum? Is this the person you want advertising your new safe space? Might want to get a new spokesperson.
    Its funny how quickly he turns into a rabid spiteful lil cunt. If the new boards follow their terms of service I don't see him lasting long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Oh, man, Whirlin. Is this really the face of your new forum? Is this the person you want advertising your new safe space? Might want to get a new spokesperson.
    Oh, I'm sorry. Is my toxic attitude and general shitposting bothering you? Do you need a safe space? Would you like some moderation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelston View Post
    Goddamn it, Inurtia. Why did you create a goddamn poll?
    I'm rusty here ok? Cut me some slack. Let this thread go quietly into the night if you don't like it!
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    It's funny how quickly you guys call for Whirlin when someone besides you, talks the way you talk on a daily basis.

    That reflection of you is pretty ugly isn't it.
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    Banning usernames is different from banning people. It'd be easier to delete posts/threads, but even that could be a part-time job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsk Tsk View Post
    Nobody takes them seriously, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Yeah I remember that. The PC was having problems for a few days or something and it looked like nothing was being done about it, Buckwheat starts his own forum and next thing you know a few hours later or the next day and the PC was back up with a new upgrade and everything.

    In fact I think a lot of the features we use now were a result of that particular upgrade.
    Kranar literally told me in an email that's why he stepped in to fix things, because Buckwheat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SashaFierce View Post
    I hate it when I check the PC after ignoring it for an hour, only to see that someone sent a PM 50 minutes ago and now they're gone, making me wait hours, or days for them to come back.
    Damn, needy much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    I don't like established rules. Honestly the only rules I would set in place is to leave the merchant folders alone, let people buy and sell in peace. The only exception of course would be an actual warning of a possible scammer and not just someone being a dick.

    Other than that I would ban people who are clearly just here to be dicks in every aspect of the forum. I know the usual suspects are PB, Neveragain, Wrathbringer, and myself, but for the most part we stick to the politics/off topic folders with our bullshit. Neveragain and PB are hardly even in the GS related parts of the forum, Wrathbringer is mostly harmless with his shart and rep comments. Shit I wouldn't even ban time4fun because again she mostly just spews her bullshit in the politics folder.

    I mean the downright nasty people who are all over the forum, making not a single topic safe. People such as hello, although he hasn't been as bad ever since this new safe space forum opened up.
    I agree with that assessment, and all those you identified would be on my short list of banning. I understand isolating the shinanigans, but without a way to manage what content is displayed to the user or a mechanism to opt in/out, etc (ie: plugins), whether isolated or not, would need to be treated equally. If it could be properly isolated, I'd give less than 0 fucks if you fucked around with whatever the fuck you do. There was such a hissy fit over even deleting anything Hello said in the other forum concern thread, that I've stuck to merchanting stuff per initial scope requested by Kranar when my permissions were granted.

    Furthermore, as mentioned elsewhere, without admin, more banning tools, and better authentication requirements, all I can do is whack a mole with user accounts. Like Hello, the asshats you identified will just be back the next day on whatever account they want. We'd be up to Tgo102018 by tomorrow evening! It's not as effective as it is perceived as.

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