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Thread: Ithzir Armor...does it work?

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    Default Ithzir Armor...does it work?

    I have two sets now, because i thought this was the coolest armor script there is, well now i'm not so sure.

    I have a 9x fulls set, t1 ithzir...they havent flared in...what feels like years.
    5x t2 ithzir brig...also havent seem them flare since buying them.

    I know flares can not work in certain areas. Could it be that? It really feels like the ithzir script is useless since it seems to never work in any area i hunt in....Anyone else experience similar issues with this script?
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    The best use for this for me is bandits, invasions, and confluence. Most of the capped areas (areas you cannot fog out of primarily) it does not work for the escape ability.

    That being said, I like mine very much.


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    what areas are you hunting in? it follows transport spell restrictions
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