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    I used to come here for the shopping, same thing I used to visit the officials for. If this forum continues to overflow with back and forths the way it has been going, my presence will be reduced to the awesome animated JIFS thread (*copyright pending). The only way to remedy what has happened here is for the intelligent folk to quit responding to the flamers and trolls until they die out due to boredom and cease to exist because they will be sad when noone takes their bait.

    I eagerly await a time when we don't run from trolls and create new places we think are 'safer' and simply let them air their farts into an empty vacuum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom View Post
    You're an MMO player. You know that official forums are only used by less than 10% of a player base. Maybe you didn't know that, but you play games that have unofficial forums that also have developer presences. Most use reddit.
    Of course, but what you think it means they go and use other forums about the game? Maybe Reddit and their guild forums at the most, which yes, you should have a presence of reddit if you don't already. People that are going to use the forums, use forums. The officials still need to be strong and appealing to customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom View Post
    Well, I mean, you can play it that way. But this facade isn't you.
    Just get your ego the fuck out of here already, and be sure to take your trash Whirlin with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    You were good up to here. No one stated that you aren't welcome... but this isn't the place where you can force everyone to kiss your precious ass or they get banned either. This is a place for hard truth... I'm sorry you didn't like it.
    Oh, you must have access to the PMs, emails, and rep I get. Sorry, I forgot. And you clearly don't know me very well if you think that's what I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Just get your ego the fuck out of here already, and be sure to take your trash Whirlin with you.
    all your whining and crying like a bitch has ironically proven how triggered and in need of a safe space you are, you dumbass shitlord ahahahaa
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    That's because they are archaic and the moderators are absolutely terrible.
    If you disagree with someone on the officials you get warned, if you disagree with a GM you get cut up in a bathtub.

    Probably why people post here. New forums will just be 2.0 of the officials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    After all, Wyrom, YOU said you came here in an effort for more open discussion and dialogue. As far as I could tell you were treated relatively well, if you were mature enough to ignore the obvious trolls such as hello and macguyver.

    But, what, the lack of tagging made this place completely unbearable?

    Then you made your grievances known to someone, because no one other than the usual Simu cock suckers are buying the story that 3 people approached YOU out of nowhere with the idea of creating a new forum.

    You all discuss what you would like this forum to have, the forum is created, then you sit back and watch as they try to cannibalize the well established community we have had here for over a decade, all because, what was the reason again? A lack of tagging?

    The new forum was created with YOU in mind. The absolute gall you have to come here and claim this is anything but the truth is simply staggering. Then when someone calls you out on your egotistical bullshit of tearing apart a community for your own gain you have the utter audacity to ask that person what is wrong with them?

    Why do all of you keep coming here from your new safe space forum if this place is so bad? The mind wonders.
    It's pretty genius on his part to be fair.

    He picks 3 people who constantly require their egos to be stroked.. tell them to make a forum and that you want these rules enforced.. and knowing they will be happy to do anything you want and.. bingo: Brand new "unofficial" forums and you didn't spend a penny of Whatley's money.

    Can't blame Wyrom for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom View Post
    While I'm a big fan of speculation and conspiracy theories, I can chime in to what's all happening here.

    I asked a few times for some specific features over here. This place exists, why not make the communication a bit more effective? I was never answered. I was approached several weeks ago about the possibility of a new forum that would have a lot of the features I was hoping we could get added here. Ondreian, Tysong, and Whirlin all opened a discussion with me, and I really liked what they were proposing. This was something they were doing with or without me.

    I've been working on branching out our communication to other areas for awhile. Modernizing our approach is very important. It took a lot of convincing to be able to come here. Unfortunately, through trial and error, I still can't get other staff here. My GameMasters don't all have thick enough skin to tolerate some of the abuse. It was never the plan for it to just be me that came here. I am, however, here on my own time.

    I much rather spend my time where there is an active admin willing to make some adjustments to make the communication better. I also would prefer to be somewhere where active trolling and extremely tasteless posting isn't so rampant. I'm far too busy for that. Again, my free time, I'll choose where to go with it.

    No one is asking any of you to abandon the PC. You guys survived a long time with no GameMaster or Simutronics involvement. Many of you made it clear that I'll never be welcome here. You'll be fine without me.


    Totally agree with Wyrom here. This place is falling apart both technically speaking, from a moderation perspective, and attitude of its membership.

    A new forum is needed, my only problem at the moment is: I am frustrated I did not create one myself. I have been a forum admin for 15 years and even offered Kranar several times to purchase PC and clean it up. I know exactly what it needs but unfortunately he is not interested in selling, only retaining ownership and essentially being un-involved/interested in improving the forums.

    That said, good for Ondreian and the crew for starting a new forum. IMO the new software is crap, it's too light on the feature-side and readibility is horrible. It reads like a kindle, not a forum. Hardly a step up from the officials. But hey, it's my own fault for not moving forward with my plans.

    And the whole verbally abusing GM's, and also forum members for that matter, is a no-go. Glad to see rules are in place in the new forum. The improtant thing though is to find a balance, over-moderation can kill a forum as well.

    PC is a shit-show it's essentially unmoderated. In the long run that approach simply does not work. The reason PC is the free-for-all that it is is because the owner who sets the rules, pays the server fees, and sets the tone for moderation is essentially MIA. PC is the Lord of the Flies of gaming forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom View Post
    Oh, you must have access to the PMs, emails, and rep I get. Sorry, I forgot. And you clearly don't know me very well if you think that's what I do.
    Enlighten us. Who specifically stated that you are not welcome here.

    Oh wait.. you can't disclose that information...

    Uh huh.

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    Some people leave because they are tired of dealing with children and are looking for a place where they can enjoy their free time, not because they are offended.
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