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Thread: Yard sale! Come buy some stuff!

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    Default Yard sale! Come buy some stuff!

    Real life has reared its head and I don't have time to devote to GS anymore. Cash is accepted via paypal at $6.50/m. Have a question about an item? Want me to gather more details? Shoot me a message. As I find more crap buried in my lockers, I'll add them to the list.

    All items will go once, twice, sold. Delivery to Landing/Icemule/Sol'Haven/FWI. I'll update this auction once per day until until the 24th, at which time this auction will close.


    W2: a twisted drakar talon sword - 4x, T1 encorcell, 5lbs, fire flares, locked "smart weapon". MB: 250k CB: 250k TheSilentBlade SOLD
    The drakar talon sword is not unlocked!
    Available Actions: RUB, PULL, TILT, and KNOCK.
    This sword makes pale smoke.
    You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the sword.

    W3: a copper-hilted pitted mithril longsword - 4x, 2-slot fusion, 4lbs. MB: 250k CB:

    W4: a pale gold vultite backsword with an eahnor wire-wrapped hilt - 5x, fully unlocked dagger hilt, 4lbs. MB: 250k CB:
    The gold vultite backsword is fully unlocked. You could PUT a dagger in its hilt; GET a dagger from its hilt, TILT, TOUCH, PUSH, PULL, BOW, POINT, FOLD, SPIN, SALUTE, or WAVE the backsword.

    W8: an archaic fireleaf runestaff - +22, +7 logic, +4 spell aiming ranks MB: 500k CB: 1m Shae SOLD

    A1: a vultite augmented breasplate - 4x vanilla. MB: 25k CB:

    A2: a suit of bone white vultite half-plate - 4x vanilla. MB: 25k CB:

    A3: an embossed vultite metal breasplate - 4x vanilla. MB: 25k CB:

    C1: a polished black leather pack - 5/140 (huge), MAX L/D, backworn - MB: 1m CB: 1m Macillus SOLD

    C3: a black leather belth with a polished razern buckle - slightly small amount for a number of items - MB: 500k CB:
    You can tell that the belt's pockets could not possibly get any deeper, but you might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the leather belt for you.
    You estimate that a black leather belt with a polished razern buckle can store a slightly small amount with enough space for a number of items.

    C4: a russet suede-covered case with a bronze clasps - MAX L/D, large amount, belt-worn, close/open scripts. MB: 1m CB:
    >close my case
    Closing the lid of your case, you manipulate the pieces of its clasp, and it clicks softly as the locking mechanism is once again secured.
    >open my case
    You carefully manipulate the metallic clasp on your case and, as the pieces of the closure shift and release, the lid pops open.

    C5: a shadow black viper skin back sheath - warrior made 50 pelt sheath - MB: 50k CB:

    C6: a rain-tooled blue leather case - unlocked 2/4 morphable container - case holds medium amount, ankle worn - MB: 500k CB:

    C7: a long grey wool cloak line with black fur - turnable cloak, changes into a long black leather cloak lined with grey wool - 7lbs, significant amount - MB: 250k CB:

    C9: a grey leather sack clasped with a golden snowflake - Max L, can be further deepened , holds a medium amount, beltworn - MB: 25k CB:

    C10: a silver-traced leather bandolier - T2 Cid bandolier. MAX L/D. 2lbs, slightly large amount - MB: 150k CB: 150k TheKak SOLD


    M2: a blue-eyed robed summoner miniature - Siegery piece - MB: 100k CB:

    M3: an axe-wielding mayor miniature - Siegery piece - MB: 100k CB:

    M4: a plain ash chest - Neutral Arkati Box - MB: 100k CB:

    M5: an etched imflass giantman - Gemcutter - MB: 100k CB:

    M7: an oval-cut ruby mithril pattern - Gemcutter pattern - MB: 100k CB:

    M8: a grave-incised grey imflass pattern - Gemcutter pattern - MB: 100k CB:


    W6: a white-runed twisted steel cleaver - 4x, void flares, locked "smart weapon". MB: 250k CB: 250k Astray SOLD!
    The twisted steel cleaver is not unlocked!
    Available Actions: RUB, PULL, TILT, and KNOCK.
    This cleaver makes little whirlwinds.

    W7: an invar-tipped imflass broadsword - +12, +10 logic (lvl 22) +6 perception ranks (lvl 30), temp damage weighting (who cares?). MB: 250k CB: SOLD ON PM BO OFFER

    W1: a perfect maoral-hilted falchion - 5x, T1 ensorcell, 4lbs, can be further lightened. MB: 3m CB: 4m Rikus SOLD
    You notice a small enchanter's glyph and Kupaka's crafting mark. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the falchion.

    W5: a krol-skulled vultite machete - 4x, stunning blade (great for that guild stuff). MB: 500k CB: 2m Macillus SOLD
    The vultite machete has a ruby-eyed deformed krolvin skull mounted upon it. The ivory is mottled brown and green and exudes a foul odor. The cracked teeth within the jaw are set crookedly, but someone took the time to sharpen them to a razor edge. The cracked rubies stuck within the eye sockets seem to follow you when you glance at the skull.
    You can RUB, TAP, POKE, WAVE, and RAISE the machete.

    C2: a hooded black longcoat - Pin-worn, 5/39? (holds medium amount for several items), full armor concealer - MB: 2m CB: 2m Justin SOLD
    This simple longcoat is expertly fashioned from soft, black wool. Tailored silk lines the inner workings of the coat and blends seamlessly with the wool, providing a comfortable fit. A series of polished razern buttons line the outer placket.
    The black longcoat is designed to hide soft leather, rigid leather, chain mail and plate mail armor which covers torso, arms, legs and head.
    You can tell that the longcoat's pockets could not possibly get any deeper, and you might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the black longcoat for you.

    C8: a knee-length black wool overcoat with a crisp folded collar - 2 of 3 Climate Wear - 5 lbs, exceptional amount. MB: 2m CB: 2m Orthin SOLD
    The overcoat is unlocked, but not fully unlocked. It has 8 verbs.
    This is currently set to be a coat of some sort.
    The overcoat is currently hooded with the following custom hood: voluminous hood.
    The overcoat currently has a default fastener, but it could have custom ones added by a skilled merchant.
    The overcoat currently has default pockets, but it could have custom ones added by a skilled merchant. Options are a small pocket, a large pocket, small scabbards, weapon loops, large pouches, and small pouches.

    M9: a rectangular white oak case set with faenor ivy leaves - Makes ankle/wrist worn imbeddables MB: 100k CB: 100k BriarFox SOLD
    This white oak case is a permanent model, that will not degrade with use.
    This white oak case will work with imbued bracelets and anklets. It will produce "a twined dark green ivy bracelet or anklet".


    A4: a rectangular white vultite greatshield - 5x, 2-slot fusion. MB: 500k CB: 500k Ososis SOLD!

    M1: a tiny nacreous humanoid skeleton with bat wings and a scorpion tail - Cool little creature...thing...whatever. MB: 1m CB: 1m Ososis SOLD!

    M6: a bulb-nosed metal clown statue - Gemcutter - has show - MB: 250k CB: 250k peam SOLD!
    Flamboyantly dressed in multicolored silks, the most noteworthy features of this statue are the facial details. A wide grin reaches from one edge of his face to the other, and his slightly squinted eyes are encircled in deep black ovals and portray a twinkle of mischief. As if for an offering, his open hands are outstretched, one of which is filled with tiny pieces of carved candies.
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    W6 MB, bro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Orbstar View Post
    You artsy left brain using commie fuck.
    You see a fairly typical mom that is lying down.

    You suddenly slap Haliste with the flat edge of your claidhmore. Bet she didn't expect that!

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    MB on...
    You have committed 2 crimes in Icemule Trace in the last six months. They are:
    1 count of murder
    1 count of jailbreak

    You have committed 1 crimes in Ta'Vaalor in the last six months. They are:
    1 count of hooliganism

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    W5 1m

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    Updated - initial bids marked once

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    M6 MB
    W8 MB

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    1.5m on W5 please
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    Bids updated

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    Mb M9
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    w1 3.2 mil

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