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Thread: Undead Bane UAC Gloves

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    Bump on this one. Activating account to sell some other gear so let me know if anyone wants these

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    bane weapons caan NOT be player enchanted , only merchant or prmium points , also could you add weighting to these now as well?

    since when is 7x gear looked down on?
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    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    I would assume weighting can not be added but not 100% sure. The only path I can see is to remove the void flares that are the original ones and add weighting there. Possible I suppose!

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    Weighting can indeed be added as it is its own new slot.

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    Oh wow. Didn’t know that! That’s awesome and will make them even better. Thanks Rob

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    Bump on this one here

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