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Thread: Infinite Use Bandolier/Thrown Weapon

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    I'm wondering what those go for? Because of toying around with builds. The design of the JESTER class for fun (there's a post in general GS, took flames but whatevuh) has thrown weapons designed into it. I've heard thrown is considered the best by many from hiding, generally.

    So what are the general lows and highs of those auction quality self-generating bandoliers with flares and all that? 30 mil to start?

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    You might want to mention what weapon it is, what enchant and what flare type...

    And do you have one, or are you looking to buy one. That is still not clear either...
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    I remember an auction going that ended at like... 15m (I won the item) but I'm assuming that's because the weapons generated were knives.
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    handaxe, spear, hammers of 4 enchantments typically start at 40m, if memory serves me right

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    I paid 50 for my 4x ice flaring handaxe about 2 years ago, but its quite variable. I think some who have them sitting in their locker who return dont know what they are worth, but that is a really rare situation. Those who do know what theyre worth likely wont let them go for less than 40-50.

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    Most of the posters get what I meant, wanted to know the range for all the possibles. That sounds about right but I was off about -10 million.

    Is there a spell implemented that gives infinite bandolier, like bard weapon? I was thinking 4x flaring, if you can get up to 7x I'm sure it' get serious bidding like 70-100mil?

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    No. Infinite thrown weapons are very limited. You have bandos, returners, chain weapons, and threads. Am I missing something?

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    Chronomage daggers and the shard making boxes

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