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Thread: Usin mah fixskill, seeking advice...

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    This reminded me that I need to make my mud-mage. Water/Earth, bolting. Double up on 512 in swarms, then channel an earth-based 518 for that shatter effect.

    Shatter: If a target is encased in ice (i.e., failed Cold Snap warding twice) and the caster CHANNELs a bolt that causes a rank 5+ impact (505(?), 510, 1709) critical, there is a (Water Lore skill bonus / 3) chance that the injury location will shatter, completely destroying it and causing 50% of the target's max health in concussion damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlin View Post
    I'm not in the water camp. Most of the stuff it adds are mana. Yes, we can talk about extra DF on 904/whatnot... but honestly, +1 AS through dedicating the TP towards MnE will yield the same thing, plus extra accuracy, spell duration, DS etc. The spell unlocks at 20 ranks I can agree to. Steam bolt is good versus non-corporeal critters, since the damage tables on it relatively suck, and there's a super thin margin where it's more advantageous than the others.

    The extra flaring cycles are neat, but usually don't result in decreasing number of hits to a mob by 1, so I consider them relatively cosmetic.

    As far as training goes, the only thing I would say is to keep total lores to just 1x, extra TP should be dumped into a spell circle for AS from 513/425. Which, looks like you did.
    If you want to enchant more, keep the wiz ranks, but you'll get more hunting ability out of more MjE/MnE.

    Armor use... should be 8 for fulls I believe?
    MOC: You can likely find a cheap +1 Ranks enhancive to save yourself the TP. That's a lot of TP to dedicate to a subset of spells' ball effects.
    You can drop AS down to 1x if you want. MIU's double dipping with use/recharging/whatnot, I like the higher numbers as a wizard, but AS... if you have a pocket sorc to recharge scrolls, keep it, otherwise 1x will be fine. the 2x cost/benefit ends up being roughly even with a rank of MnE, and MjE even provides more DS by comparison.
    EMC: same as AS, you can drop it down to 1x to save some points. There's not really enough that relies on it, and 2xing it is expensive.

    Perception/climbing/swimming: You can get perception up to 1x level, climbing/swimming to (done at) 50 ranks, and never think of them again. Extra points can go into research if they exist.

    As far as lores... depends on your hunting style, since you have a bard, your bard can utilize disablers cheaper/more easily than your wizard.
    Air: I'm a fan of tonis bolt as an initial disabler to a single target due to the decent damage round, high likelihood of stun, and knockdown effects. But if you bard opens, saves you some mana, and lullaby is ridiculous.. Honestly, disk space is negligible, and there's incredibly limited benefits to haste until you hit 55 ranks of air lore.
    Water: The major acid bolt is nice at 30 ranks... but water is fairly lackluster outside of that. Good for mana. I guess good for enchanting? But, training for enchanting is like training for trading, you're sacrificing your ability to hunt to make more money. Can always merchant/etc to make some money! Major acid will run you 6 mana per cast, and run lower DFs versus 906, but offer splash damage against multiple targets. It's nice, but 907 is also right there for a ball effect. 1710's DFs are slightly better against some armor classes, definitely more mana efficient, but you have the training opportunity cost to consider.
    Fire: You get steam bolt at 20 ranks. High DF, low chance of crit kill. Perfect for non-corporeals. You also get stacking AS buffs from 513, weighting flares from 425. Overall, the most offensive heavy build.
    Earth: Predominantly a warmage benefit. You don't need this.
    This is very helpful info thanks Whirlin.

    I am not really enchanting for profit, more for fun. I like being able to take projects on and enchant them up myself when i find a cool project item that is enchantable. And doing that faster is worth sacrificing some hunting ability for me. Wizards are so powerful already, and duoing with a bard, we currently obliterate trolls with some fire lore. Having enough for a ball version of 906 is all that is needed at this point really.

    Let's see how much this water lore helps with enchanting.
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