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    My newest artisan script is available on the repository!

    Introducing MyFletch.lic: a script to level fletching to 500.

    It does require a room with a trash can, as it will not stow the "finished" arrows and then move to throw them away.

    It currently does not run in Zul Logoth or Ta'Vaalor, as there isn't a fletching shop I could find in ZL and the one in Vaalor doesn't appear to sell limbs of wood in the front room.

    There are a few variables you will have to set up: it will not run unless all of the variables are set. Just run ;myfletch setup and fill them out!

    The containers can be the same container if you want to only use one. It will not hang up because of this.

    There will need to be a trash can in the room with the same noun (bin, receptacle, barrel, casket, etc.) as what you have your trash can variable set as, or it will shut down and tell you why.

    You will need to have your axe and small blade in the container you specify for each, or it will shut down and tell you why.

    As with my other scripts, please follow Policy 18 and do not run this while AFK.

    Thank you!

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    I forgot to mention - the script is currently set up to not waste experience. It will pause to allow you to drain off field experience when you reach "Becoming Numbed."

    I will add a toggle and the ability to adjust the mind level to rest at.

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    Sounds pretty sexy.

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    I added the toggle and the ability to adjust when it stops to absorb experience. If the toggle is selected and no input is entered for the experience amount, it will default to "Becoming Numbed."
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    Moved the experience check to a Thread to ensure it will trigger immediately any time the mind state is at or above the trigger amount.

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    I demand this script wash my dishes too!

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    Build some mechanical arms into your computer and I'll see what I can do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dintarl View Post
    Build some mechanical arms into your computer and I'll see what I can do!

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    Bolded the messaging from MyFletch and adjusted the experience check again. Should be pretty much done.

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