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    Beacon Hall needs a goat pin to raffle at Goatfest this year, so that means we have to buy one!

    Ideally I'd like it to be an actual goat, but let me know if you have any kind of pin that eats trash.

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    I got one!

    The black goat pin is so lifelike you almost swear it could move. The emerald eyes seem to have a life all their own. It is as if they were searching for food. You aren't really sure, but you could have sworn you saw it stick its tongue out, licking its lips. Were it alive you would judge the black goat pin's condition to be fat and happy! It almost looks like it is resting.

    just not sure what I would sell it for

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    Pending offer is 5m.

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    I have an unaltered furry brown goat pin. I want 7.5m for it.

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    What constitutes "trash" and does the goat respect marked or registered items?
    How dare you speak to your silver shrike charm like that!

    [Roll result: -101 (open d100: -153)]
    You hear a loud *thud* behind you. Turning around, you see a giantman thug lying on his face.

    [Roll result: -114 (open d100: -79)]
    A human thug's attempt to bash fails miserably and managed to hit himself instead! Self-inflicted blow leaves a human thug reeling about comically!

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