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Thread: 4x HCW mace 7x perfect vultite spikestar and a 8x warmace

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    Default 4x HCW mace 7x perfect vultite spikestar and a 8x warmace

    Looking for some value on these

    the 8x ancient spiked rolaren warmace has a show and is named > The finest materials have been used in the construction of this sturdy warmace. The head sports long, vicious looking rolaren spikes every few inches. The care of the craftsman shows in each flawless seam and the glossy sheen of the kakore handle. The haft is wrapped with aged leather and encased in fine, imflass mesh to provide a firm grip on the weapon. Embossed upon the ball is a golden anvil on a field of brown. The word "Krusher" is inscribed into the haft in crisp lettering. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

    4x HCW corked rolaren studded mace Finely crafted out of the purest rolaren, the mace has been sturdily balanced with delicate precision. An exquisite silver-etched symbol of Voln has been traced across the neck of the mace, while fine silver studs dot the head. The haft of the mace has been hollowed out and filled with cork, making the studded mace feel lighter and more maneuverable in battle.

    and a 7x perfect vultite spikestar
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    All plain with no crafted bonuses?
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    only one with crafted is the 7x spikestar

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    25 to 30mil for the 8x
    15 mil for the spikes tar
    10mil for the mace
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    would say closer to 15+ on the 8x warmace, 12-15 sounds right on the spikestar and 8-10mil on the 4x
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