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    Greetings everyone!

    I couldn't get an exact answer from the official forum boards, so I would like to ask you all. Can I as a premium member gift an F2P account GoA? If so, could they use it for a subscription? or stuff from the store? Thanks in advance!

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    My understanding is that, much like going black, once you start a paid subscription of any type, you can never go back.

    I have no idea about the Simucoin question.

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    You can send a GoA to a F2P account. They can buy simucoins with the GoA, and then use those simucoins to buy F2P store items.

    Using the GoA to subscribe with a F2P account will convert it into a subscriber account, and it can never be reverted to F2P. It costs significant amounts of simucoin to "simulate" subscribed play, but the primary purchases would be:

    1. 30 day society pass (250)
    2. 30 day Treasure Boost (450)
    3. 30 day AG Pass (300)
    -----(optional / subjective)-------------
    4. 30 day Gear pass - which is ONLY if this character plans to use any gear better than 5x enchanted, or somewhat padded/weighted (300/400/500)
    5. Any profession specific 30 day passes (400 for healing / 495 for raising)

    Since F2P accounts get no discount on simucoin purchases, expect to spend at least $10.00 a month for basic (1, 2 & 3) plus an additional $5-10 more for any minor "luxury" unlocks.

    The experience passes only come in 3 hour variety, which makes them very tedious to use and I wouldn't bother with them generally speaking. This specific pass needs to be fixed by Simu to have a 30 day version that allows F2P accounts to pay for normal XP gain (without Lumnis).
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