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Thread: Alterations: Gem Cutter Patterns

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    tonight's batch - I feel like I missed 2 tho.

    a scroll-etched pink vultite pattern
    a triskele-cut periwinkle ora pattern
    an ophidian-cut green steel pattern
    a cross-shaped eonake pattern
    a kitten-shaped black tin pattern
    an acorn-shaped silver pattern
    a triskele-hewn golden golvern pattern
    a tentacle-set dark ora pattern
    an icosagon-cut enruned pattern
    a panda-shaped black mithril pattern
    a key-shaped imflass pattern
    a wisp-shaped black vaalin pattern
    a rosebud-cut dark ora pattern

    a hedgehog-cut black tin pattern
    a sundew-cut white tin pattern
    a trilliant-cut orange bronze pattern
    a royal-cut blue pattern
    an egg-shaped black vaalin pattern
    a demon-shaped veil iron pattern
    a panda-cut green vaalin pattern (OH NO COPY!!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by peam View Post
    a panda-cut green vaalin pattern (OH NO COPY!!!!)
    one is -shaped, one is -cut
    As of August 2017, you can find me posting primarily at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allereli View Post
    one is -shaped, one is -cut
    Still pretty rough.

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    Last batch:

    a rose-shaped white eahnor pattern
    a roa'ter-hewn patinaed copper pattern
    a bell-shaped white mithglin pattern
    a fairy-carved bright pink pattern
    a lich-shaped dark ora pattern
    a penguin-cut white vaalin pattern
    a dragon-carved red copper pattern
    a rune-carved white gold pattern
    a willow-shaped white gold pattern
    a scythe-etched polished silver pattern
    a demon-shaped brushed bronze pattern
    a parrot-shaped emerald ora pattern
    a cog-shaped chased bronze pattern
    a gryphon-cut rolaren pattern
    a spiral-cut red iron pattern

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    thanks for tracking, peam
    As of August 2017, you can find me posting primarily at

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