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Thread: 30 Sorc Duskruin Build

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    Default 30 Sorc Duskruin Build

    Was wondering what type of build/strategy level 30 Sorcs use for Duskruin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viekn View Post
    Was wondering what type of build/strategy level 30 Sorcs use for Duskruin?
    I don't think you'd have the mana to pull it off. Don't sorcs cast evil eye?

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    Yeah, I figured mana wostill be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortybox View Post
    I don't think you'd have the mana to pull it off. Don't sorcs cast evil eye?
    Or implosion. 30 is probably an awkward spot. High enough level for the champs to have high HP, low enough mana that you can't speed right through them (717, 720, or even 711). I think you just 702 all day and hope for the best, though I doubt it'll get you through all 25. Start migrating skills now to drop auxiliary stuff (climbing, swimming, trading, survival, etc) for extra harness power. Hit your Dreavenings and such, maybe 106 at the beginning, and hopefully you can channel from offensive.

    At 30 I'm not sure if it's worth it to cast 418 at the start, or to keep open 710 going, but maybe give them a shot.
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    What exactly is the DR strat for sorcs? I havent really participated in DR so far so never asked around. Going to give it a go this next run though. 85 DE sorc

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    Capped sorcerers with big CS usually shoot to Evil Eye everything, so it runs away, saves time on critter drag out, etc etc etc. Pain is a guaranteed 3 cast kill if the endroll from Evil Eye isn't attainable, and if you have the spell aim, you can always implode everything you run across. Generally the capped sorcerers don't really plan for 'IF' they can kill it, just 'how quickly' they can get through the rounds. As discussed this morning, with 25 casts of 717, If you happen to be super lucky, 425 mana will get you done, which you probably *can't* actually get until you have 142 mana and 11 spirit, for two wracks, and on top of all that you have to be *super* lucky with your warding windows.
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    Totally depends on your society for low levels.

    At level 30 - deeds are cheap. If you're in Voln, and level 30, 50 mana is nice. Go buy a bunch of sapphires, get 100 deeds, have plenty of mana. Refill your deeds when you're low, so you can keep churning through enemies. If you're not in Voln, then you will probably have mana problems. One tactic for COL is to get max AUR enhancives, bring your SPIRIT to 11+, and then you can use Sign of Wracking 2x in the arena. Combined with Sacrifice, you might have sufficient mana to kill things fast enough.

    For level 30, you want enhancives if you can get them to boost your CS. You will also want 1711, if you can get that. If you're going to focus on imploding targets, spell aiming enhancives will help. If you're going to use 717 or try to kill targets with 705/711 - you'll want AUR/WIS enhancives to boost your CS.

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    Yeah, the whole point of running a sorc in the arena is so you can blaze through everything with 717/720.

    You're gonna have to 702/705/711. I think Maerit has the right idea with burning through deeds for Symbol of Mana. Won't really even cut into your profits too much at 30.

    You might also look for greater mana well and greater mana regeneration potions (I think that's what they're called). You can usually find them in in player shops.

    Don't forget about your boosts, either, if your character has been around enough to accumulate any. Enhancive recovery/luck/superchargers will help out a bit. You can also throw in an enhancive stat, but you're probably better off saving the enhancive boosts for recovery.

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