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Thread: I don't want to play a warrior because of the WG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgoddess View Post
    I imagine it is, but I've got 1635/beseech now, which is just as good. :P (also, mastered the wtricks & bashing without any script help; glad to not have to worry about that anymore!)
    Quote Originally Posted by hello View Post
    oh snap, paladins can berserk too? WTF?
    No, paladins can't berserk. Warriors berserk, Paladins beseech.
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    Lots of small goals makes this seem a lot easier/faster:

    You are Guild Master of the Warrior Guild.
    You are current with your dues and must check in again sometime in the next 77 days.
    You currently have 288 task trading vouchers.
    You currently have 333 ranks out of a possible 340 for your training.

    You are a Master of Disarm Weapon.

    You have 24 ranks in the Berserk skill.
    You need 2 training points to earn your next rank.
    The Training Administrator told you to practice breaking stuns in the Dark Chamber.
    You have 8 repetitions remaining to complete this task.

    You are a Master of Warrior Tricks.

    You are a Master of Tackle.

    You are a Master of War Cries.

    You are a Master of Batter Barriers.

    Also, use those guild vouchers from digging (or buy some) for partner/box reps if you don't want to spend the time finding someone or finding boxes.

    Soul golem boxes are fantastic, if you do intend to get the boxes. They're not trapped, because they have a script in place of the trap that adjusts the lock difficulty to the picker's level.

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    Since when do we have polls without tacos?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    The GM who designed the rogue guild's PC was sitting on a stack of stunning skulls.
    By complete accident I actually got one of those armor scripts where poking the armor twice will stun you for about 5-8 seconds. Total godsend going through stunmans.

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    I haven't felt too much pain from just using the stunning booze for sale in the guild (or the free bottles in Moonshine Manor, when I'm feeling cheap).

    Not quite as reliable in terms of consistent stun time, but works well enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khariz View Post
    Hopefully this was some kind of lame attempt at trolling. Not only is berserk one of my most used combat skills, but being able to use it for status effects makes it priceless. Being able to use it WELL for status effects is even better. Like here, last night, where I was both bound and stunned, and broke out of both in one round:

    You focus all your will into a berserker's rage that breaks the bindings holding you back!
    You stretch and strain with all your might and valiantly break free of the webbings!
    The restricting force that envelops you dissolves away.
    The webs dissolve from around you.
    The redness fades from the world and you begin to breathe harder.
    I'm going to reply to my reputation comment to this post right here in this thread:

    as you point out, Berserk is mainly a stun breaker at cap. which is unfortunate.
    I couldn't disagree more. Berserk is literally my main hunting tool at cap. I've probably earned my 90% of my last 7 million experience by typing berserk. I berserk my bandits, I berserk in warcamps. I can walk into a warcamp, spawn it, type berserk, check my email for 45 seconds, note that I'm fried and go rest. I grab my permablessed maul and berserk in the Sanctum of Scales. etc etc etc.

    I think berserk is a perfectly viable hunting tool at camp for pretty much any area other than the Scatter, as long as you have the right weapons, gear, spells on, etc. If you took "all berserk is good for is breaking status effects" away from my post in this thread, that is not what I meant at all. In fact, read what I actually said. I said "Not only is berserk one of my most used combat skills..." That's literally the opposite of saying "berserk isn't good for anything but breaking out of stuns." Berserk is freakin' awesome. Even at cap.
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    I go berserk when berserk prevents me from searching critters.
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