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Thread: permablessed arrow bundles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash187 View Post
    split them into bundles of 20? seriously how many blesses do you really need?
    For reim I would like to not worry about running in and out

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhovan View Post
    It's really easy to bless arrows. Grab your bundle that ran out of blesses. Remove 1 arrow and have it blessed. Remove another 1 arrow and have it blessed. Then just have the rest of the bundle blessed. Bundle them back together. You can shorten or extend this as needed to get up to 999 blesses on the bundle, which has a pretty good duration if you ask me. Why bother with the coins for permablessed?
    Was just trying to avoid that kind of a time suck.

    Bottom line I need to suck it up buttercup because I am alone in this haha.

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    Trust me, I'm lazy and don't usually bother with blesses, but getting three or four blesses is as easy as one and will last for a long time. I wish all weapons could stack blesses to 999.

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    If you are hunting Reim as an archer.. I think you have more to worry about then blesses. Non-corp undead suck as an archer.. Solo reim as an archer sounds like a nightmare to me.

    If you are Voln then it's easy. One blessed bundle in your quiver and one unblessed bundle in another container. Personally I run a script to track how many blesses I have left in my bundle. When you run low on blesses, grab an arrow or two from your unblessed bundle, bless it and bundle it into your blessed bundle. Done.

    Had a COL archer once and I would create bundles of 5 arrows that had 999 blesses. Script on my lowbie cleric to pull out arrows one by one, bless them, bundle them, and drop it when he got to 5. Then I would switch over to my table picker and pick em all up. When my archer rested the table picker would hand him a bundle of arrows if they were low on blesses or arrows.

    More complicated but if you want simple then grab a falchion and a shield.

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    There used to be some permiblessed arrows that sold off the shelf from a merchant event. Eonake-tipped white shafted arrows or some sort. Unfortunately they were changed sometime later to only be blessed. I suspect the problem was folks splitting the bundle into 50 low damage but still permiblessed OHEs. At least, that is how I was using one of them.

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