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Thread: Catacombs dueling tournament

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    Use the goddamn boulder, you r-tards.
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    You artsy left brain using commie fuck.
    You see a fairly typical mom that is lying down.

    You suddenly slap Haliste with the flat edge of your claidhmore. Bet she didn't expect that!

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    We have been doing the Pit Fighting Tournament in the nexus since the beginning and do it every year. We were going with tradition, knowing there are other places we could easily have the event. It is a shame a newb got whacked after the event that they had fun watching to begin with. We will take all this into consideration next year for the event and Thank you all to everyone who fought in the tournament and all of you who came out to watch or bet on the fights.

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    Take the noob to Silvergate for some opposite TLC
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    Why would you have capped dueling in the lowliest hunting ground??? Potentially chased off a brand new player for your dumbshit lol's. Would've given him a mil note and apologized profusely.
    People are dumb. And lazy. Takes way too long to script out to the boulder.

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    It actually takes a lot more effort to plan and host an annual event in the Nexus of the catacombs, but whatever. Opinions are like assholes.
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