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Thread: Bandits, Traps, Survival and more things that tick me off.

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    Offensive stance held true as best for certain maneuvers before unique creature AI/scripts were put on the SMR 1.0 I think.

    Definitely some like pookas, pyrothags, Confluence elementals, and maybe basiliks are designed to hit turtled characters with effects like spell stripping, the club shrapnel etc.

    Also, roa'ters I feel were best avoided in offensive stance. Definitely rift crawlers and new creatures and standard maneuvers 1 and 2 seem to defend better in a defensive stance. I remember GMs mentioning creatures slowly being moved to SMR. But I'm sure there are still some few exceptions out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spraggeth View Post
    I guess I go just quick enough so that ;roomcreature doesn't pop up "bandit entered the room." After that, I pretty much move on. So probably 1-2 seconds a room. Not 5 or whatever for ice. I feel like I get hit by more traps on escorts though. To the point that I stopped doing them even.

    I just can't figure out what it is about my char that I get wrecked so hard.
    Btw: I've quit bandit and escort bounties for my lvl 63 ranger also because of this. I went through a period of getting rt'ed to death so much I was frustrated as hell. Then I got faster at blasting Mass Calm as soon as possible but still do end up with a cutthroat or head injuries that require healing before finishing.

    With my Paladin and Rogue I go slow. The rogue is hard to hit and Paladin is a tank anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilchristr View Post
    "I will say that going to neutral felt like I got hit by far less traps"

    My problem with this is that for years people said that they felt like in stance offensive, they got hit by less maneuvers. Probably for decades it was said. And it was debunked by GM post.

    To me its up there with I feel like tapping a silver coin gets better spawn rates.
    Do you still have the post? I'd be curious to read it.
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    Well, if anyone is curious, I went from 0 survival to 1x and it seems to have dropped the trap devastation by quite a bit. I was hitting a trap about every other group of bandits, to now I have gone entire hunts without hitting any.
    "Freedom for those who fought for it, is a taste the protected will never know" -Unknown

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