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Thread: Grab Bags!

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    Default Grab Bags!

    I have too much stuff, and selling things one at a time will take way too long! Here's some grab bags for folks to bid on:

    #1. Bag of Toys! MB: 50k -- CB:

    a wailing toy banshee --- (Ulrug Toy #1)
    a mechanical toy cat --- (Mech Toy #2)
    a mechanical toy dragon --- (Mech Toy #6)
    a mechanical gold shaggy dog toy with smoky quartz eyes
    an ashen grey toy mourning dove with softly ruffled feathers (HUG, RUB, TAP, and TOUCH the dove)
    a filthy toy skeletal giant --- (Ulrug Toy #11)
    a carved toy soul golem --- (Ulrug Toy #21)
    a stained toy bone golem --- (Ulrug Toy #11?? - that has to be a mistake)
    a stained toy skeletal lord --- (Ulrug Toy #8)
    a tattered toy ghostly pooka --- (Ulrug Toy #9)
    a scrawny toy zombie rolton (3) --- (Ulrug Toy #13)
    a mechanical toy spider --- (Mech Toy #9)
    a glaring toy stone troll --- (Ulrug Toy #16)
    a mechanical toy turtle (2) --- (Mech Toy #5)
    a pale toy nedum vereri --- (Ulrug Toy #19)
    a mechanical silver faerie toy with translucent sapphire wings.
    a soft toy cerulean warbler (2) --- (RUB, KISS, PULL, and PUSH)
    a toy skeletal warhorse --- (Ulrug Toy #3)

    #2. Sack of Wearable Lockpicks! MB:50k -- CB: 1mil Ranger8999 SOLD!

    Various wearable locations, some go under your tongue!

    a narrow veniom-coiled spring
    a diminutive black invar fork
    a miniature blue vaalin arrow
    a twisted invar lockpick
    a sharp veniom corset stay
    a sharp veniom corset stay
    a diminutive black invar fork
    an ivory vaalin hairpin
    an ivory vaalin hairpin
    an invar skeleton keyac

    #3. Sack of Perfume, Nail Polish, Makeup, Ritual Vials, and Gory Vials (not permafied) MB:50k -- CB:

    a thread-tied sage smudge stick --- Some kind of makeup stick
    a flask of glowing blue ectoplasm --- Gory Vial
    a small orange pumpkin-shaped bottle --- Perfume
    a murk-stained champagne bottle --- Nail Polish
    a chalice of sanguine liquid --- Ritual Vial
    a phial of dark red liquid --- Ritual Vial
    a clear glass bear-shaped bottle --- Perfume
    a small orange pumpkin-shaped bottle --- Perfume
    a glazed icy green bottle --- Nail Polish
    a glazed icy green bottle --- Nail Polish
    an ebon-ridged pumpkin orange bottle --- Nail Polish

    More to come!!
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    MB on 2

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    100k on 2

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    200k on 2

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    Bump! Buy in bulk, and get a great deal!

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    350k on 2 please
    Follow along on Twitter @GSIVOubar

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    400k on 2

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    500k 2

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    can i bid 50k on just the gory vial ? if not then 50k on #3
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    Updated! PM sent Hood. I'll change the bid depending on your needs for #3.

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