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Thread: Hedrik's Wares

  1. Default Hedrik's Wares


    9x superbly crit padded brig (25 layers of padding), 6lbs -- $2500

    Taking offers

    Lesser shadowdeath vambraces

    12 setting teleporter (ringworn)

    +22 logic stat earcuff (persists) & fusion dagger (+19 stat)


    10x lirion bow (permablessed, random flares) (Delivered)

    10x DB belt (Delivered)

    280K bloodscrip (Delivered)

    8x masterfully crit padded doubles (Delivered)

    +37 T5 HCP 3 slot fusion augmented chain (max light) (Delivered)

    30% weight reducing cloak. Hooded, epic deepened and max light (Delivered)

    10x augmented chain max light --(Delivered)

    70K bloodscrip (Delivered)

    7x T5 2 slot fusion augmented chain (Delivered)

    9x mcp full plate max light at 34 pounds - (Delivered)

    crystal and gem bag (holds 1000 lb) - (Delivered)

    10x hcp doubles T5 - (Delivered)
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    If you aren't selling anything then you should really post this under the trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phalen33 View Post
    If you aren't selling anything then you should really post this under the trades.
    It's high end valuables, not flat-priced or auctions. When you get a collection like this, you can post it wherever the fuck you want and people won't complain.
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    Well I complained so you're already wrong. The title for this folder is,

    "High-end goods for in-game coin or real cash."

    I wasn't wrong to point this out.
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    Just offer to trade your silvers to him! Problem solved, right?

    (Hedrik I'll trade you 110m for 100k BS)
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    added couple items. bump

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    I'll trade silvers for the 12 setting ring.
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    Pre-DR bump.

    Chunk of 380k bloodscrip on the table. Primarily for trade but maybe open to silver offers.

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    bump. added two logic enhancives

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