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Thread: Lost perfect maul in Miasmal forest

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    Default Lost perfect maul in Miasmal forest

    Lost my maul about an hour ago. Anyone happen to pick it up? I'm bound to it and through a perfect storm lost it. Please let me know if you find it or run into someone looking to break a bond.

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    It's a perfect steel maul. Can send the full description if you find it.

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    Have you put in an assist to check the janitor?
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    Yep, GameHost said it wasn't in the janitor about 45 minutes or so after I lost it. Said to ask around and then assist again in a day or so for a referral if I hadn't found it. I swept the area killing everything for about an hour and no luck. Probably useless to try again by this point.

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    That's rough. Bit of a long shot, but you could set a highlight of the description and keep an eye out. At least RR is a small community. I did that for a perfect maul I had stolen from me, got lucky and found the bastard.

    Not much help at this point sadly, but the new cool thing is putting a label with your name on it just in case. Best of luck with your search.
    A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

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    That is a good idea with the label.

    I was stupid and thought I didn't have to worry about disarm as a warrior with a bonded weapon.. Looking back at what happened I killed a wight. Saw the skeletal soldier come in and second nature to leave when I see them. I ran sloot and it took out my knife in my left hand and skinned the wight. Maul in my right hand is disarmed with 5 second roundtime. After roundtime sloot searches wight and found a box which went to my right hand probably just in time to block the maul from returning to my hand. I start wander and move several rooms before noticing my maul is gone. Turn back and it's gone. Grab a locker weapon and go to town killing stuff but no luck.

    So yeah.. f' me.

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