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Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday that he felt confidence in May of 2017 that he had enough facts to show President Donald Trump may have committed a crime.

During a lengthy interview, MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle asked McCabe if he would file obstruction of justice charges against the president were he a U.S. attorney right now.

McCabe called that a loaded question, but he said that he felt the possibility that Trump may have tried to obstruct justice right after he fired former FBI Director James Comey was so strong that it warranted opening an investigation.

“I was confident, in May of 2017, that we had ample facts to indicate the president may have committed obstruction of justice,” McCabe said. “At that time, it was abundantly clear to me we had enough facts to indicate that crime may have been committed.”


Just more confirmation that firing Comey was one of the worst things Trump could have possibly done.
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