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Yeah I think I am going to sub up to plat and give it a go. What will be nice is for times I want to power grind it should be easy with a small community but the perk of wen I want to socialize I also can. I am thinking warpath for the built in utility and socialization through healing folks but then can turn around and grind it out with a maul should I need to. And I'll keep my wizard on prime when I want a change of pace.

Besides an empath, what does the plat community "need" from lowbies? Was thinking of also doing bard/locksmith build for added community involvement or wizard because I am already familiar with them.

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Right now Plat seems to be lacking clerics, a locksmith, and bards I'd say. I mean alot of people have alts but we have no "Main" profession for the most part of the professions mentioned, except maybe Rvain heh...Otherwise we have literally no main locksmiths, which I was going to do when I first joined, and not really any bards either