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Thread: Bigshot Group Hunting Issues

  1. Default Bigshot Group Hunting Issues


    I am running into an interesting issue I am having. I have 2 characters I want to hunt together.

    Character 1) Hiding sniping ranger - Main looter/skinner

    Character 2) Regular old bard.

    My issue is if I make my ranger the head and the bard the tail bigshot gets really messed up because of the hiding aspect.

    If I make my bard the head and the ranger the tail the bard does all the looting.

    Can somebody help me either figure out how to fix the script from getting all messed up from hiding or figure out how to make the tail the looter?

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    I have the same problem. I'm also still trying to figure out how/if I can spread out the looting since my hiding rogue can carry a lot more weight than my sorc. Do you know if it's possible for each character to loot?

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    I have not figured out if that is possible. Looks like this is an issue with bigshot. Going to wait and see if somebody with a lot more experience with lich/bigshot can chime in and shed some light on these issues.


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    I don't think you can solve that. When hiding, the hider really needs to follow the leader. The only way to solve it that I can think of would be for your Bard to be leader, and to have a script that signals your Ranger, and a monitoring script that then has the ranger loot.

    I've also found that tails suck at gathering arrows.

    My solution to this problem was to have the ranger not hide, and just fire from the open, and rely on agility to take down enemies. If youre bard is tonising, you should be launching a hail of attacks anyway.

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    Oh shit, I bet the tails do lose all the arrows. I did the same thing as you. Had the rogue just fight in the open like a warrior. The best luck I've had when uphunting was to flee from anything >2 and approach lone targets. Then I had my rogue head with hiding and ambush. I also made a fairly small boundary area (about 1/2 potential rooms for targets) so if they did get separated the sorc caught up pretty quick.

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    I was using 2 archers, so the head just gathered all the arrows. I had the head keep a low arrow stockpile, say 20-30, and the tail had 100. At the end of every hunt they swapped arrow packs (roughly).

    In general, for SOLO hunting, I find loot is better than sloot, but loot only works for solo hunting. loot has code to also pick up arrows as you wander around, which sloot cannot do.

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    I'll check out loot. Either that or I have to open up sloot(2) and change a couple things. I don't like that sloot2 stows the weapon instead of sheathing it and I need to fix where it throws away some of the boxes at the locksmith.

    EDIT: You know what got my ass kicked today was trying use bigshot quick for a Dangerous Creature Bounty. I bigshotted like normal then when the creature typed ;bigshot quick for each character but got the "bigshot is already running" message. I also didn't properly put in the creature information to include ancient which would have been the next problem.

    How do you use bigshot quick?

    This is the example I was trying to replicate for my bounty

    (?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?Grimswarm (?:giant|troll|orc) (?:dissembler|sorcerer|sorceress|warlock|witch)(a)

    It was a stone troll which spawned as an Ancient Stone Troll. How would I have setup properly to for that? This is what I had in the quick line

    (?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?stone troll ( should have made sure to have the dangerous creature descriptors in there )
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    Yay for breaking shit! I can think of a few ways to do what you want, but it would probably require more sleep and some testing.. One easy way is to do what Arch suggested, which is to have your bard signal your ranger to loot.

    Here is what I put together so far.. I think having the ranger being the head shouldn't be too hard. Could probably even have the bard follow as the ranger sneaks around if you wanted. Just as I said, testing and sleep..

    Assuming you are running both characters from the same machine.. This script will have the ranger, Joe in this case, running a loop which reads a file. When the file reads true then Joe will run sloot, wait for sloot to finish and then set the file to false. Bob who is our bard will be running the script as his loot script in Bigshot. When Bob runs the script he will write true to the file which Joe is reading. He will then read the file himself and wait for it to say false, which will happen after Joe runs sloot. The loot script will then exit for bob and bigshot will resume.

    You will of coarse have to update Bob to the name of your bard and Joe to the name of your ranger. Then if you are using a different script then sloot you will want to change the script name for the start_script. Also you can modify the path where the file is being written. I have my lich folder under C:/lich/. Also since we are writing to local files you will need to use ;trust to trust the script before it will run.

    Sure there is something I am forgetting.. For Cwolff's problem of splitting the loot. Do you want it random who loots, switching one char then the other, whoever has the lowest encumbrance? Personally I run two chars and I added a few lines to sloot so the head tries to put boxes in the tail's disk before his own. Extended my hunt enough that I haven't really needed to do a full loot spread.

    if "#{}" == "Bob"
 'c:/lich/loot.txt', 'w') { |file| file.write("true") }
    		if !'c:/lich/loot.txt')
    			loot ='c:/lich/loot.txt', &:readline)
    			loot = nil
    		if loot == "false"
    		sleep 0.5
    if "#{}" == "Joe"
    		if !'c:/lich/loot.txt')
    			loot ='c:/lich/loot.txt', &:readline)
    			loot = nil
    		if loot == "true"
    			start_script( 'sloot' )
    			wait_while { running?('sloot')}'c:/lich/loot.txt', 'w') { |file| file.write("false") }
    		sleep 0.5

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    Default Newbie with Bigshot

    Okay.. please pretend I don't know anything. Because you'll be right. However, I've downloaded Bigshot and I'm trying to run it with two people. What is the syntax to set that up so Bigshot doesn't see my other character as someone else in the room it needs to skip the room for?

    And pretend I'm not a programmer. I'd basically need someone to type down exactly what I'll put in the machine. Let's say, I'm the head person 'Timoen' and 'Bob' is the tail. What do I do? And do I have to have it set up on 'Bob's lich as well? He's a monk, so he won't be casting like 'Timoen' will be. How do I make sure 'Bob' doesn't get left behind?

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    This only works if you're running the two accounts on the same computer, so make sure you do that. Run ";bigshot heads" on the leader, ";bigshot tails" on the follower. As long as your hunting settings are right, the script will do the rest.
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