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Thread: Parasitic Weapons Info

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    It is working correctly. That ability is like a flare in that there's a chance for it to fire, plus the creature you're fighting has to have blood, so that rules out most undead. Finally you have to have blood loss, when it fires off it feeds blood back from the creature to you:

    >raise maul
    You hold your misty silver maul up to eye level as you draw upon its power. A dark, deep voice enters your mind, "... and so we strike together." A spiral of tentacles burst forth from the center of your misty silver maul, their tips violently thrashing, eager to find purchase.
    Roundtime: 3 sec.
    R>kill warf
    You swing a misty silver maul at a krolvin warfarer!
    AS: +263 vs DS: +228 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +94 = +164
    ... and hit for 47 points of damage!
    Right leg mangled horribly.
    The krolvin warfarer is knocked to the ground!
    The krolvin warfarer is stunned!
    as you strike a krolvin warfarer several silver tentacles lash out and bury themselves into its flesh.
    You feel a sudden rush of blood flow into you from your misty silver maul!
    You wince as the misty silver maul draws upon your blood as it strikes.
    ** A slender silver and gold tendril lashes out from a crystallized massive misty silver maul etched with gold tentacles and slashes a krolvin warfarer's right eye! **

    ... 30 points of damage!
    Slash to head destroys the krolvin warfarer's right eye!
    Doesn't do his brain any good either.
    The krolvin warfarer rolls over on the floor and goes still.
    The deep blue glow leaves a krolvin warfarer.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.


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    That's still broken IMO. The NEXT flare should 100% lifesteal. If it doesn't do that and you have to keep raising it and hoping for a flare, then it's not really working as intended.

    Also, I'm pretty sure even this is broken in UAC versions...

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    The flare doesn't trigger if you kill the target, btw. Nor does it flare if you aren't missing a certain amount of blood.

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    more so strongly encouraged, not really triggered
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