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With his threat this morning to pull federal assistance from Puerto Rico, Trump sent a strong warning to Kim Jong-un. The warning was that if he's willing to do that to American citizens who cannot vote, then he's not concerned about collateral damage to civilians in North and South Korea.

The thing is I can't really be mad at him at a personal level because he reminds me so much of my grandpa. He's 89 years old, lived through WW2, just shy of being drafted but has that WW2 generation "can-do" spirit. Just crushes open that Ipad box I got him for Christmas: mumble grumble "I can do this myself! I know what I'm doing! just sit down pansy man!"

It's endearing when you look at his shaking hands and frail form struggling even to turn on the damn thing, you tear up and you just want to hold him and say, "Yes you can grandpa! Yes you can!"