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Thread: Things that made you laugh today (Political Version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back
    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.

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    And feel free to get me banned, not going to stop my lawyer from sending Kranar a subpoena for IP information on a couple of people.

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    Bitch what?

    Edit: Holy fuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post

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    I was just thinking, as I tend to do sometimes, about how when the economy was booming and the stock market was soaring the far left was saying "Thanks, Obama!" and not in a sarcastic way.

    Then when the economy started to slow a little bit and the stock market dipped for a week or two these same far left lunatics were screaming that the world was ending and Trump was personally destroying our economy.

    Then when the economy and stock market started to pick up again suddenly they had nothing to say about the economy and stock market.

    Guess they played their hand a little too quickly there, can't very well go back to saying "Thanks, Obama!" after you gave Trump all credit for the economy and stock market.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you raving far leftists; don't be so quick to blame Trump for something you previously gave a Democrat credit for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    Gelston just informed me that Senator Bill Cassidy looks like Beavis.

    Gelston was correct.

    Hahaha. Okay that's fuckin' awesome.

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    This is quite possibly one of the best things ever.
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Tgo01 again.

    That was hysterical! Thank you for the laugh before a long day of packing and moving.
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    Is Acosta becoming a meme for his idiocy?

    Survey says... yes.
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    I'm sure everyone by now has heard all of the whining about Trump's fast food buffet today; it's disgusting, the food was cold, it's somehow racist, blah blah blah.

    At one point Trump said they bought 1000 burgers and they were piled a mile high. Washington Post actually fact checked this sentence from Trump. Yes, they fact checked an obvious hyperbole.

    FACT CHECK: At two inches each, a thousand burgers would not reach one mile high.

    I feel like I'm reading an article from The Onion, but it's an actual (or so they claim) news organization.

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    Claims to be a billionaire, can only afford fast food

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