Oh man, speaking of good governance, this made me smile. Starlink has shoddy service and despite constantly launching new satellites into it's constellation, it's service is poor. 5G is coming hard for the frequency range that Starlink has tried to monopolize and it has been far more effective for users in far larger deployment areas.

FCC Rejects LTD Broadband, Starlink Bids for Broadband Subsidies

The Commission determined that theseapplications failed to demonstrate that the providers could deliver the promised service. Fundingthese vast proposed networks would not be the best use of limited Universal Service Fund dollarsto bring broadband to unserved areas across the United States, the Commission concluded.

“Starlink’s technology has real promise,” continued Chairwoman Rosenworcel. “But thequestion before us was whether to publicly subsidize its still developing technology for consumerbroadband—which requires that users purchase a $600 dish—with nearly $900 million inuniversal service funds until 2032.”

To date, the RDOF program has authorized more than $5 billion in funding to bring primarilyfiber gigabit broadband service to over 3,000,000 locations in 47 states. With support from thisprogram, hundreds of carriers have already begun deploying these future-proof networks toconnect unserved areas.