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Thread: Things that made you laugh today (Political Version)

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    Cancel culture will get him.

    Liberals only get religion about keeping what you've earned once they've gotten to a point where they know it doesn't matter to their net worth.

    Like, you ain't gonna hear an up and coming Hollywooder say no, I believe in capitalism. Only once they've made it do they care about keeping what they earned. Before that, they are all like "YEAH! TAX THE RICH! WEALTH TAX! $50 MIN WAGE!". Just don't try to apply that wage to their immigrant .50 an hour gardeners.

    Click the link above to see how much you owe the government.

    "Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."
    -Superracist, Joe Biden

    ďIf you donít believe in free speech for people who you disagree with, and even hate for what they stand for, then you donít believe in free speech.Ē
    -My favorite liberal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seizer View Post
    Thought that he was the best one on the NES version. Arcade I would have to go with Michaelangelo.
    This is correct.
    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    Methais isn't even on my level bitch.

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