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Thread: flat price weapons and armor

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    Default flat price weapons and armor

    WEAPONS in first post, ARMOR will be in second post

    ruby-handled rolaren handaxe, 4x perm SWC, +6 defender bonus, 4 pounds, 3m

    spiked golvern shield, 5x, ice flares, spiked, 4 pounds, 1m

    thick spiked kakore greatshield, 2x, sanctified, ice flaring, spiked, 10 pounds, 1.5m

    scatched spiked vultite leg greaves, acid flaring and spiked, temp damage padding, 4 pounds, 1.5m

    nicked illthorn buckler, 5x, 250k

    well-balanced rolaren spear
    +21 enchant, +12 polearm bonus, +8 CM bonus, +7 spirtual lore summoning bonus, 6 pounds, not currently for sale

    cedar-handled veil iron javelin
    +25, 6 pounds

    bronze-tipped veil iron partizan
    +25 spear, 7 pounds

    a light grey ora angon (spear)
    4x fusion, t1 ensorcelled, 8 pounds

    a silver-inlaid azure mithril trident
    5x fusion, t2 ensorcelled, maxlight (six pounds)

    a vultite awl-pike, 6 pounds, fire flaring

    sleek white ora trident
    2x, temp very heavy damage weighting, sanctified, +5 polearm ranks, +2 spirit lore bless rankings, +2 str stat, 12 pounds

    maoral-hafted mithril pilum
    1x, temp masterfully crit weighted, 4 pounds

    a fine imflass naginata
    +12, 6 pounds, 750k

    a sturdy coal black steel sledgehammer with a thick ebonwood shaft
    4x fusion, maxlight (4 pounds)

    veil iron twohanded sword
    +25, +8 twohanded weapon bonus, +4 strength bonus, 5m
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    a superior maoral-hafted vultite maul
    4x, player forged, 100k - I'll take this, please

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    gold-lined silk robes
    1x, temp masterfully crit padded (fresh), maxlight (4 pounds), 1m

    reinforced leather
    1x, temp SWCP (fresh), perm mod slash resist (13 pounds), 400k

    some old spiked ora chain mail
    2x, temp exceptionally crit padded, 21 pounds, spiked

    burnished leather breastplate
    +15, temp masterfully crit padded, perm moderately crush resist, 12 pounds, 1.5m

    embossed leather breastplate (labeled)
    4x, temp decent crit padding

    burnished cuirbouilli leather
    3x, temp masterfully crit padded

    an etched eahnor shield
    +18, +5 str stat, +4 dex stat, +1 ambush ranks, giantman charges, 6 pounds, 900k

    villswood greatshield
    +18, spiked and earth flares, also has +5 max stamina enhancive, 10 pounds, 1.5m

    gold-rimmed imflass buckler
    +22, 4 pounds, 150k

    embossed fireleaf buckler
    +22, 5 pounds, 100k

    some engraved invar armguards
    perm VERY resist to slash, 5 pounds

    some studded invar shin guards
    perm VERY resist to puncture, 5 pounds

    a polished mithril greathelm
    temp very heavily crit padded

    an etched invar greathelm
    temp very heavily crit padded

    some blackened imflass leg greaves
    temp very heavily crit padded

    some imflass brigandine armor
    +12, temp exceptionally crit padded (fresh), 15 pounds (almost max light...), 750k SOLD

    blackened spiked mithril leg greaves
    perm decent damage padding, spiked
    300k - SOLD

    a polished vultite helm
    temp masterfully crit padded
    500k - SOLD

    +23 vaalorn aegis, permanent +4 TD, 5 pounds
    500k, SOLD

    some blackened vultite leg greaves striped with tiny spikes
    disintegrate flaring, spiked, 3 pounds
    2m SOLD

    some etched vultite chain mail
    4x, perm decent damage padding, 14 pounds
    1m SOLD

    some pale ivory imflass chainmail
    +22, 17 pounds, 300k SOLD

    some old spiked mithglin chain mail
    3x, perm somewhat crit padded, 18 pounds, spiked
    1m SOLD

    a set of mithril-studded leathers
    5x fusion, maxlight (10 pound), temp incredible nature resist
    3.5m SOLD

    some imflass chain mail armor constructed of alternating silver and light-blue links
    +12, +2 to each of str, con, dex stat, -2 to disc stat, giantman charges, 17 pounds
    300k SOLD

    an ornate imflass greathelm
    temp exceptionally crit padded

    a rock-inlaid vultite kite shield
    4x, earth flares, 8 pounds, 200k SOLD

    some ornate spiked vultite leg greaves
    fire flaring, spiked, +6 first aid ranks, 3 pounds
    1m SOLD

    some old spiked vultite leg greaves
    earth flares, spiked, temp moderate puncture resist, +10 pickpocketing bonus
    1.25m SOLD

    embossed leather breastplate
    3x, perm decent crit padding, temp incredible natural resist, 12 pounds
    1.5m SOLD
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    I'll take the imflass brig

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    New items added in bold
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    Will take these please

    a dark mithglin spikestar
    4x fusion, t1 ensorcelled

    blackened spiked mithril leg greaves
    perm decent damage padding, spiked

    a polished vultite helm
    temp masterfully crit padded

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    i'll take a maul when i get on tomorrow if it's available

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    mossbark runestaff
    3x, fire flares, +10 max mana, +6 harness power, maxlight (2 pounds), 1m...ill take this please

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    some pale ivory imflass chainmail
    +22, 17 pounds, 300k
    Il buy this

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    rolaren military pick
    4x, perm somewhat damage weighted.... ill take this

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