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Thread: Installing Lich

  1. Default Installing Lich

    I am trying to install Lich following the directions on the download page

    I get to the part where I open lich for the first time and says it needs sqlite3 to save settings and datam would I like to install now
    when I click yes i get an error saying it cant find gem.batt in directory C:\ruby23\bin

    i can see 2 files in that directory named gem but neither have that extension

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    did you download and install Ruby 2.0.0-p648 ? NOT the 64 bit version like the instructions say ? My directory is c:\ruby200, not 23.

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    yep, operator error
    made sure not to get the 64 bit, but was still a newer version than 2.0 i installed, got it running now thanks

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