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Thread: Character Portraits

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    Sorry BHawk. I didn't notice your post. Thank you, and that character is a Genesis 8 male base with just a buttload of morphs and 25% of two HD maps. One was Michael 8 I believe. The beard is stock but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Color settings on the beard/hair are custom but similar to things you can get elsewhere. Skin textures are 4k and not from any package. I put them together outside, but they're again, similar to ones you can find on other characters.

    Anyway I just stopped by to post another piece. Not any particular character at this point. I was working at converting 3D renders into something that fits better with a 2D aesthetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortybox View Post
    Can I get one with my butt cheeks hanging out?

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    The eye patch is worn upside down
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    The eye patch is worn upside down
    Nah, real edgelords run one of their eyepatch bands UNDER an ear instead of OVER an ear.

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