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Thread: Character Portraits

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    I'm consolidating my threads down to one account since checking two was annoying and unnecessary, and my other thread was full of trolls. If you'd like to work through the old thread for whatever reason, you can locate it here:

    Now offering character portraits.

    Recent work: In thread and linked below


    Q. How much duckets?
    A. 5 millions of silvers.

    Q. Will you make this thing specifically for me?
    A. No. I have an incredibly extensive library of models and textures ready to go. They take a long, long time to make from scratch, and not everything in my library was made by me. Modeling takes enough time that it's not monetarily worthwhile for me to model anything for you, nor you to pay for that. That said, my library is very extensive, so I am confident I have enough that you'll like.

    Q. Will you re-texture that item from your proof?
    A. Maybe. If it's a simple change. If it's a wide sweeping change, probably not. There's not just a texture to worry about. I also have to normal map, specular map, and re-light everything properly.

    Q. I like that item from your proof, but could you make it X colored?
    A. Yeah. No problem. That's a setting I can tweak easily.

    Q. I like that leather bodice from your proof, but I'd rather it was satin and shiny. Can you do that?
    A. Yeah, probably. I have a large library of materials to work with.

    Q. My character's hair doesn't look exactly like your proof shows.
    A. Sorry. This one's the hardest one for me to change. I have a large library and can show you several options, but the chances of me making changes aside from color, specularity and glossiness to hair are slim to none. I can in most cases work with the bones of the hair though and move it around to position it differently. Hair styling is a possibility within limits.

    What if I pay you and you never produce a product, or I don't like it?
    A. I don't take payment until the job is finished and you have the finished files. If you don't like them, don't pay for them. I'm not in the business of charging people for work they aren't happy with.

    Q. How does it work?
    A. You give me a description of your character, and if you have any specific requests for lighting or anything out of the norm (i.e. - I'd like my character cloaked partially in darkness because I am a twilight vampire and do not want my portrait too sparkly). I will create you a proof to look at. You'll let me know if you want any changes, or would like to see different hair styles, clothing, weapons, et cetera. I'll make up to 3 significant revisions on a given project. If at the end, you're not happy with it, just don't pay for it. If you are happy with the result, pay for it. Pretty simple.

    If you got through all that and would be interested in a character portrait, send me a PM or email me at
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    In case you don't want to use the image gallery in the link above, here are the links to past work, as well as character descriptions where applicable:

    Finnester - Click Here
    You see Finnester.
    He appears to be a Half-Elf.
    He is average height and appears to be very young. He has piercing hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has short, shaggy dark brown hair. He has an unshaven face, a straight nose and slightly pointed ears.
    He has some minor cuts and bruises on his left arm.
    He is holding a sanguine red steel naginata in his right hand.
    He is wearing a daybreak yellow satin cloak edged with silvery ora-threaded runes, a shimmering autumn-hued leaf, some old cuirbouilli leather, a slashed hide harness, a fang-fringed bronze leather pouch, some shaggy bearskin leggings, and a pair of fur-lined boots.

    Female 1 from another MUD - Click Here

    Female 2 from another MUD - Click Here

    Male 1 from another MUD - Click Here

    Female 3 from another MUD - Click Here

    Ibar, whose description I forgot to include - Click Here

    Female 4 from another MUD - Click Here

    Heartfire - Click Here
    You see Lord Heartfire Durden the Master at Arms of the Warrior Guild.
    He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
    He is taller than average and appears to be young and robust. He has long-lashed blue-grey eyes and tanned skin. He has short, dark blonde hair. He has a broad chest. He has a faint shadow of stubble which adds further definition to his jawline.
    He has a veniom-swept ivory spike in the upper ridge of his left ear, and an apple tree tattoo encased by colorful leaves on his arm.
    He is wearing a sitting beanbag warrior, some battered rolaren full plate, some blackened mithril arm greaves, some weathered dark leather trousers, some polished imflass leg greaves, and a polished deep crimson eahnor wall shield banded with veniom slung over his shoulder.

    Valdorin - Click Here
    You see Valdorin Hartting the Mercenary.
    He appears to be a Human from Vornavis.
    He is tall and appears to be in the meridian of life. He has brooding hunter green eyes and tanned skin. He has long, glossy midnight black hair streaked with silver. He has a square-jawed face, a straight nose and broad shoulders.
    He has an iron-chased dark hook in the upper ridge of his left ear, an iron-chased blackened steel ring in his lip, a deep black deathstone spike in his left eyebrow, a garishly colored tattoo detailing a raging battle scene completely covering his right arm, a crossed claidhmore tattoo on his wrist, and a small black skull tattoo on his ear.
    He is holding a serrated invar claidhmore set with a black opal pommel in his right hand and a curled rolton horn banded with golden imflass in his left hand.
    He is wearing a misshapen onyx talisman on a black silk cord, a weathered black leather longcoat, a high-collared black silk shirt, a pair of spiked vultite gauntlets, a glyph-etched vibrant gold ring, a weathered leather belt, a black leather coin purse, a simple black leather case, a dark leather treasure sack, some reinforced black leather pants, and some steel-toed knee-high black boots.

    Areigha - Click Here
    You see Areigha
    She has voluminously lashed malachite green eyes and petal-soft, tanned skin. She has waist-length, silky umber-hued hair that falls into a mass of curls. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a small, button nose and a plump-lipped generous mouth. She has a vaalin-swept electrum shard in her left eyebrow, a diamond-inset faceted crystal stud in her right nostril, a vaalin-swept bloodjewel hoop in her lip, a diamond-inset bloodjewel half-ring in the middle of her nose, a diamond-inset bloodjewel shard in the upper ridge of her right ear.

    Female 5 from another MUD - Click Here

    Rovvigen - Click Here
    You see Event Planner Rovvigen Aniket the Officer of Twilight Hall.
    He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
    He is average height and appears to be young and sprightly. He has silver-flecked blue-green eyes and mocha-freckled, lightly tanned skin. He has Short tousled silvery white hair highlighted in shades of red.
    He has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a small, button nose and thin, lithely muscled arms and wrists. He has a platinum clockwork owl perched on his shoulder.
    He has a twisting silver-traced red flame tattoo on his wrist, a fire elemental tattoo on his neck, a silver-traced red flame tattoo on his arm, a silver-inked scythe encased in a crystal sphere tattoo on his chest, and a lustrous ivory sliver in his right eyebrow.
    He is holding a helical lor crosier capped with a silver scythe encased in a crystal sphere in his right hand.
    He is wearing some fiery red flowing robes embroidered with wisps of silver flames.
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    Name: Lord Zailon Britbane Faendryl
    Level: 100
    Title: Necromancer
    Race: Dark Elf Gender: Male
    Age: young (178)
    He is shorter than average. He appears to be young.
    He has silver-shot indigo eyes and ashen skin.
    He has long, silky black hair accented with a sleek ebon crow feather twined into a loose elven plait.
    He has long pointed ears.

    You are holding a helical illthorn staff in your right hand.
    You are wearing a finely wrought pewter pentacle on a long ruby-linked chain, a blackened veil iron phylactery, a shadowy black velvet hooded robe lined with charcoal grey silk, a dragonmist crystal signet ring, a black leather kilt belted by a length of silver chain, and some ashen grey ora scaled boots.
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    I'm not happy with how this final product came out as a result of requests by the client, so I'll likely re-render this later in a way I find more artistically impressive, but it's a finished product so it's going here.

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