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Thread: So i'm listening to the radio..

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    Default So i'm listening to the radio..

    So i'm doing some cleaning and listening to the radio, and on the commercial break they go "Um, just to inform everyone, if your heading north on 33 you might wanna turn around because a plane just landed on the street..." So I'm like uh? And go to the tv, the local news... and there's a plane in the middle of the road. That Pilot is a badass! And there were like 34058938745 firetrucks and amblunces..
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    I had a friend flying in a glider competition once that landed his glider on the street, flew under the power lines, rolled through the green light, and parked in a grocery store parking lot.

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    That is so awesome it hurts.

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    Yeah this guy clipped a pole with one of his wings and the power is out in most of the area that he landed in now heh. I can't imagine how scared I would have been if I was on that plane.

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    A plane that took off from the South Bend airport has landed on 933 just south of the Indiana Toll Road.

    About 1:15 a distress sign came from the pilot and the pilot requested permission to land at the South Bend Regional Airport. The pilot reported having engine trouble.

    There were five people onboard. There have been no injuries reported. The plane's occupants were taken to a nearby hotel.
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    not as bad as the Virginia plane ride eh?
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