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Thread: update-playershops not working?

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    Default update-playershops not working?

    Errors out on me every time. Does anyone know if PlayerShops is still being updated regularly?

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    What's the error?
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    Tangentially related to the subject, it seems several rooms in FWI are not showing up on the website. I just ran ';update-playershops here' in 12267 (room 8 on FWI) and it seems to have completed successfully but isn't showing up on the website yet:

    [update-playershops: Found 216 items in 5 shops in 6 minutes, 23 seconds.]
    [update-playershops: writing data to E:/lich/temp/1477855802.xml.gz...]
    [update-playershops: starting upload to]
    [update-playershops: finished upload to in 1 second]
    [update-playershops: deleteing E:/lich/temp/1477855802.xml.gz...]
    [update-playershops: skipping it doesn't support partial updates]

    I'll run it again with no_upload on to see if I can't see anything odd in this xml file.

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    Nevermind, the room I ran is showing up now. Supposedly FWI last got a full update 3 days ago. Maybe one of the other rooms is erroring out and breaking itself and subsequent rooms? I'll try doing runs in some of the other rooms.

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    Are you running this in Prime or Platinum? FWI in Platinum was last updated 3 days ago.
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    This is in Prime.

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    Then it looks like it's working fine to me.
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    My shop keeps dropping off for some reason (Tymbir's store at 12273). When I check and it's gone I run ;update-playershops here and then it turns back up, but I wonder if the full update script is missing it or removing it somehow/for some reason?

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    That sounds an awful lot like the Arroke shop bug, but it doesn't seem to be in the same location as Arroke's shop. Maybe another shop got broken? Go into all the shops in the same location as Tymbir's store and see if they exit to where they should.
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    If nothing else, I think the main page's chart is a bit misleading about full updates. Prime's FWI only had I believe 3 rooms listed, but they were all updated within the last 6 hours, and the main page's chart said last full update: 6 hours ago. But, there's other rooms that aren't currently listed at all.

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