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Thread: Lich not working, would appreciate help.

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    Default Lich not working, would appreciate help.

    I can link to SGE, but not to the website. When I start up SGE and choose my character, my mouse shows something is loading then nothing happens. To be able to log into the game, I have to unlink lich.

    I followed a list to uninstall all possible gems, uninstall ruby and delete the ruby folder then reinstall everything. I've had this problem before and after I redownloaded and reinstalled lich. I used to use lich on the regular, but it's been a second since I've played. For some reason I can't start the game from the website either and I think lich might have something to do with it.

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    I was trying to help him - he used the new lich installer that Tillmen posted ( when he reinstalled lich, and the dependencies all installed fine.

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    Try unlinking and reinstalling the Simu Launcher

    This should restore the registry setting that both the website and Lich use to find the launcher.
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    Fantastic, this install wasn't working before I had reinstalled lich. Now it did, fixed everything. Thank you so much. =)

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