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Thread: Better looting script / issues with sloot

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    Question Better looting script / issues with sloot

    Been using sloot for some time now. It's a pretty great script / big time-saver / hasn't auto-sold any unique box-founds, or general valuables hanging out in my containers as of yet. I do have a few issues / concerns, and hoping I'm just doing something wrong:

    1) Phased boxes aren't flagged at the time of picking, when locksmith is on, so either misses the box entirely or takes 20-30 seconds for the logic to figure out it's a box that requires un-phasing.

    2) Sloot sell needs to be run at least two or three times before all boxes are picked, all gem/pawn/whatever items are sold, and funds deposited in local bank

    3) Boxes containing cursed gems appear to cause a glitch when determining what to do at the locksmith and attempting to discard

    4) Why only one option for containers? Is there a way to input an array of values, or a regex, if I have more than one container for boxes, as an example, and overflow container is not an option?

    5) Is there currently an option to positively define a regex for items TO loot, or TO sell, rather than NOT loot / NOT sell, where the item in question in question is missed with current configuration?

    Is there a better looting script out there than sloot? If not, what am I doing wrong?

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    loot and loot-be-gone are my looting and selling scripts. As far as I know, they don't have the first three issues you mentioned. The major difference are:

    You don't start the script every time you want it to loot; it runs in the background and loots when it damn well feels like it. This works really well for those who hunt with cast roundtime and no hard roundtime. It also works decently if you use a hunting script and set waitloot as your looting script, as that will cause the hunting script to wait for the looting to finish before it attacks again.

    There is no GUI setup.

    The script doesn't put different kinds of loot into different containers (except for putting boxes in a disk).

    As for issue 4, the script allows any number of overflow containers, but again it doesn't use separate containers for each type of loot. Everything goes into the first container until it's full, and then the second and so on.

    For issue 5, you can sort of accomplish this in both scripts using the right regex. For example, if you only want it to pick up smooth stones and star diopsides, this regex in your exclude setting might (not testing it) accomplish it:

    ^(?!smooth stone|star diopside).*?$

    However this will also pick up anything that starts with "smooth stone" or "star diopside", such as a "smooth stone of doom". This may or may not be a problem depending on what you want to pick up.

    This isn't something that regex does very well, so I'm going to add an include option to my todo list.
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    Love the simplicity! Will test these out this evening. I could really care less about what's temporarily stored & where, as it's all being sold anyway so these could work.

    My real focus on the selling aspect is this... keep the good stuff (i.e. enhancives, box-found/unique armor/weapons), and sell the rest. I could care less about imbedded/embeddable items unless they are self-recharging or spell-knowledge/self-mana, though I'm not aware of anything fitting this description that would've been box-found anyway. Since there isn't any setting to "keep the good stuff", are these scripts designed to filter out anything godly or highly valuable / unique? Not even sure how that would be effectively accomplished anyway, with the limited XML Data available to us.

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