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Thread: Mutant ohe/thw/twc build

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    Just wanted to share my build, not at home to paste the exact training, but the essentials are Edged, TWC, Ambush, Stalking/Hiding, and I believe 30 ranks Multi Opponent Combat. CM too, because the skill you are after is Whirling Dervish wanting it to trigger 80% of the time.

    I change up my weapons when I get bored, right now it's that 6x golvern wakizashi with unbalance flares which is amazing, and a high enchant dagger. But it usually doesn't matter what combination I use, things just die. So 80% of the time if I death crit the first creature, my offhand weapon aims for the same spot and crits a 2nd creature in the room. Toss in there an occasional mstrike, and it's pretty fun. I'm probably missing something. Mainly just wanted to share another option with you.

    You don't need the weighting.
    Flares are nice as a backup.
    If you just like the look of katanas I would seek out an old falchion-based one.

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    Huh, I didn't realize that sucker punch used your weapon. That's good to know.

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    You would have such an easier time being a Warrior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astray View Post
    You would have such an easier time being a Warrior.
    I mean, if he's set on hide/ambush, then Rogue is the way to go. It's not an optimal build, but it'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi View Post
    [truncated]...Until you have the hiding/ambush/perception ranks to be consistent with your ambushing, you are inevitably going to be stuck with your dick in your hand...[truncated]
    ...then you'll definitely be glad you have unarmed combat skills.
    A Vvrael witch shudders, her form suddenly contracting convulsively.
    The ground beneath your feet suddenly frosts and rumbles violently!
    [SMR result: 93 (Open d100: -32, Bonus: 61)]
    You dodge out of the way!
    ...wait 4 seconds.
    Icy stalagmites burst from the ground beneath you!
    [SMR result: 213 (Open d100: 88, Bonus: 61)]
    ... 55 points of damage!
    Incredible strike pierces your heart and runs you clean through!

    It seems you have died, my friend.

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