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    hello im looking for a return on a few items i lost from a thraks table ( Cavorting Thrak Table ). I already did a referral and GM said the janitor never got them . Was moving items from one alt to another around 10:45pm eastern time when power flickered off and logged me out .

    I will pay a HUGE reward if they are found !!

    here is list of items

    #1 --- a midnight black spidersilk weapon harness
    inside the harness was 4 weapons

    an invar-hilted glaes main gauche -- had logic boost on it
    a rolaren-cored silvery glaes knife --- fusion dagger with two logic orbs
    a perfect hickory-handled steel flail -- 0x just got it yesterday
    a gold-hilted crimson falchion with scrollwork on the blade
    a diamond-edged black vultite falchion

    #2 was also a few scrolls on ground that had Zealot in them

    here is full list of items that i lost due to power failure .
    the weapons are all in the harness

    You also see an old scroll, a sheaf of golden paper, a scorched scroll, a thin oak and leather tome embossed with gold, a thin oak and leather tome embossed with gold, a silver coin-clasped hefty black leather loot sack, a crystal wand and a midnight black spidersilk weapon harness.
    Also here: Lord Hoodtralfeck

    please help me
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    Your signature is even funnier now.

    But seriously, ask someone to help transfer.
    Looking for: krodera items, the gleaming krodera long knife, oldstyle katanas

    August 20, 2006
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    >ask clerk about citizen
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