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Thread: spreading the burden and finding trust

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    Quote Originally Posted by m444w View Post
    That happens from time to time with all providers. 100% uptime is impossible.

    Github had a fire at their one of their data centers and was down for several hours just a week ago and that's a ~10 billion dollar company.
    Quote Originally Posted by Donquix View Post
    Sure, host downs are absolutely a thing, but the explanation is odd.

    A CPU causing data loss is...weirdish. And taking days to replace anything is pretty unacceptable.
    100% uptime is impossible, yes. But we're living in a world when your uptime is defined by how many nines you can place AFTER the decimal point. 99.9%, 99.999%, etc.

    Having a fire in a data center, and having shit back up in a few hours; That's a company who has a disaster recovery plan in place. Losing a CPU and taking down everything on that server? For days? That's a company that's showing a lack of experience.

    We're also living in a world where even a $5 a month plan gets backed up nightly with most companies that are at least decent. You pull the backups, load the VPSes (does a plural of that even exist yet?) onto other hardware, and swallow the performance hit until you can get the hardware back up and running.

    I'm not criticizing Tilllmen, but his host is showing some serious "needs improvement" areas. But I don't trust that a bus couldn't just hit Tillmen one day; Bus drivers are maniacs.
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    ive put up and am working from basics to restore everything, ive sent all information to tillmen via PM here on PC
    but I have this sneaking suspicion just a sneaking suspicion that he will shut it down, turn it off and move on, even tho digital ocean is one of the worlds foremost VPN server supplies with never a ddos attack that wasn't thwarted
    I have felt this way since the site and everything went offline originally, I think tillmen is leaving GS
    and only running lnet on his home computer until he finds someone who can take it over

    this is what I sent tillmen :

    I have created everything you need to move everything back online and mirrored everything from the old site to the new site with name servers and domain registration

    digital ocean
    account info for digital ocean username ps ********
    server up and running at
    user: ********
    pw: ********
    webmail,nginx,php,webmin, Ubuntu, MySQL, sendmail, python, perl, curl, gzip, git
    all files have been uploaded
    created subdomains at for all subs, repo, ps, lnet and so on, all pointing at localhost
    everything is setup and bill is paid for as long as you want it, you can even pay by paypal registration information
    user: ********
    pw: *********
    everything is setup and running and waiting for you to take it over and do as you wish
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    had few requests for a TS3 server so we have one now
    password no password
    need a moderator for this service
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethor View Post
    had few requests for a TS3 server so we have one now

    password GS4
    need a moderator for this service
    Mumble is better, but who am I to complain.
    No, I am not Drauz in game.

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    Or just use the free and awesome Discord server. Excellent text and voice chat for gamers.

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