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Thread: Krov Monk in the Works.

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    Red face Krov Monk in the Works.

    I have not tried the Monk, and I am still very new to all the changes.
    I was wondering what would make a stat's 100 monk at cap, so wondering if anyone could share a Stat build, and maybe more info on the UAC and the Cmans that would go along well with it.
    Also Hand wraps, or brawling weapons?

    Any guide links will be appreciated an read. So thanks for the help ahead of time.

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    Guide to Monks.

    Roll a Rogue, be better than any Monk ever.

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    Cant seem to get into rogues. Have about 10 I have made and erased.

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    I played a monk that was 75 I think. The big problem for him was the lack of CvA against casters. Basically I would use 410 to knock things down and then use ;combo to kill them. It took a lot longer to clear a room than with any other class.
    ~ Peppwyn

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    410 isn't an option for Monks unless you were using an imbed. However, 1207 is a single-target ewave that works wonderfully for monks!

    With the changes to MOC and being used with UAC, swarms would be manageable, but that is one of the areas that is not very Monk friendly. Swarms, especially with casters, will be slow and deadly to Monks.

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    Maybe that it was I was thinking. It's been a while.
    ~ Peppwyn

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    It depends on the targets. If you can reliably 1219 the swarm monks are actually quite good at clearing them, especially with the MoC changes, if you're running krynch. Just hope you don't get fucked during the 1-3 second delay from when 1219 succeeds and it actually does something...ugh, so fucking annoying.

    I 1219, open mstrike punch, then kill whatever i got tier3 on (or just mstrike punch confirm again with the stamina cost, depends on my mood). once tier3 is rocking and you kill something you can generally krynch through the rest pretty quickly. Kifocus can help here too to get to tier3 quickly for the initial target, or if you only krynch over to tier 2, etc.

    For reference, I am into my 80's, have 30+ monk spells, know up to 120, and have 40+ logic bonus when hunting monk CS is above average. But this is one reason why monks were always pretty good against bandits (alone, the problem was always tagging them with groups), they have bad TD so 1219 is easy to land on them then you just krynch through. As long as you focus the casters monks can do well in warcamps as well, same reason.

    Some of the smaller changes during HSN + the MoC fix have really helped things considerably for monks. Still on the low end of the power curve but it's not hilariously slow by comparison anymore.

    the TD is still an issue, i generally only try to take things on 1 at a time, i could handle multiple targets but it's just easier to avoid it. You just need to make sure you don't let them cast (feint, 1207, 1218, 1219, aimed neck/head punch, etc.). When i'm bothering to disable things with spells I actually use 1210 a lot as well depending on target (again, my CS is about as high as it could realistically be for a monk of my level). The change to kifocus was pretty amazing. i kifocus then focus mstrike (55 ranks of MoC so 3 strikes + free jab) means i'm more than likely going to be hitting getting at least 1 tier 3 hit during my mstrike, then aimed shots after that if it didn't just die. You can also kifocus when wandering looking for a target, so the RT from it (2 seconds) is essentially free. Krynch is amazing but I've considered dropping it to pick up slippery mind to help with when TD attacks do slip through. Would be a slight hit to kill speed for some insurance on random spell casts slipping through. I would have never considered doing that before the mstrike/kifocus changes but they make the loss of krynch way more manageable.

    My current cmans:
    Skill name             Mnemonic        Ranks
    Combat Focus           focus             3
    Feint                  feint             5
    Surge of Strength      surge             3
    Burst of Swiftness     burst             3
    Perfect Self           perfectself       5
    Punch Mastery          punchmastery      3
    Ki Focus               kifocus           3
    Rolling Krynch Stance  krynch            3
    Currently maxing out focus. I forget what after that...probably 1 rank of mobility then other stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peppwyn View Post
    I played a monk that was 75 I think. The big problem for him was the lack of CvA against casters. Basically I would use 410 to knock things down and then use ;combo to kill them. It took a lot longer to clear a room than with any other class.
    Monks are kind of in the same spot sorcerers were on the GS3-GS4 transition. They made a lot of changes and nerfs to sorcs (key among them making a lot of things component required) that they said they were going to do to other classes as well, but never did. With monks, they made it so they are a lot slower in combat, slower in the sense that it takes longer to kill things, and said that this was the new face of combat, but they haven't yet done that to any other class (and hopefully never will!)

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    What about Stat's? What is a good build to max out at cap?

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    I tried a monk. A couple times. Not so much. My rogue ftw.

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